Deontay Wilder Wins: Best Tweets of the Night


Deontay Wilder started boxing in 2005 and within two years he was a favorite to win most fights. Deontay Wilder is a true hometown hero, graduating from Tuscaloosa’s Central High School in 2004. As every good father is, Deontay Wilder put his daughter first. He had dreams of playing football and basketball for The Alabama Crimson Tide, but his daughter who suffers from a spinal condition, made him focus on his boxing career. He attended nearby Shelton State Community College.

Deontay Wilder then went on to become the WBC Heavyweight Champion of the world. His current record, prior to fighting Eric Molina, was 32-0. The man is out to win.

Deontay Wilder fought in nearby Bartow Arena to defend his title tonight. Birmingham called him their hometown hero. The irony being he is from Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa has the ability to hold more people than one could imagine, however the University declined his offer to have the fight on his true hometown ground. Why? We can only speculate. The university is not saying a thing. What else is new?

This is true. Deontay Wilder is a force to be recolonized. THIS MAN TRAINS IN HIS HOME. HE DOES NOT HAVE A “HOME GYM.” HE IS A TRUE BEAST. Beast mode is #1 on Wilder’s speed dial and he calls it constantly.

How do you get up? That’s like getting hit by a 1.5-foot long truck going 200 MPH.

Ref: Dude, it’s time to end this.

Molina: Nah, I got it.

Ref: No, you don’t. He’s going to knock you the **** out.

Molina: Will you pass the potatoes, por favor?


Wilder did get ahead of himself tonight, but that’s his winning attitude. It does not matter where he is fighting – he will always being looking for a dramatic win.


I don’t know what this means, but I have a lot friends from college who could claim this title. Looking at you, Billy.

Someone with actual experience finally chiming into the conversation. I think most of the armchair heavyweight champions (quite literally) would agree. He does seem to get very sloppy after seven rounds and needs to concentrate on defense and technical skills.

Yes! Good for Deontay Wilder and his state.

Great fight! Would have been even more amazing in Coleman.

I’m assuming African American men who like their hotel rooms decked out in red and white. Am I missing something?

Deontay Wider is boxing’s next big thing? With all due respect Windell, Wilder is boxing’s only big thing right now. He wants the sport. The sport wants him. This fantastic relationship could easily bring the sport back to the center stage.

Everyone from Tuscaloosa welcomes this idea and everyone from Tuscaloosa (excluding Judy Bonner I would assume) will be welcoming Deontay Wilder home with loud cheers! He’s Tuscaloosa’s hometown hero. We could not have anyone better.