It’s Time To Stop Fall Weddings


There’s still more work to be done with marriage in America, the fight to stop fall weddings starts now!
Some people might think that the fight for marriage rights in America is over, those people are wrong. There’s is still a huge problem with weddings in America and it’s casting a dark shadow on our great nation.
I’m of course talking about fall weddings. Fall weddings are an abomination that discriminates against college football fans all around this country and it’s time we joined together to put a stop to it. This isn’t an Alabama issue, or an Auburn issue, or an Ohio State issue, this is a college football fan issue.
We all have been to our fair share of fall weddings and hated every single minute of them. Most of the guests keep glancing at their cell phones for game updates or hunting out the closest television with the game like it is a 12-point buck. The guest are all strategically trying to figure out who is going to be the first to leave or how much time should elapse before leaving the party without looking rude. Believe me when I tell you the guests indifference to the wedding party taking place around them does not go unnoticed by the bride and groom. Most of the time this ends up with an upset bride and groom making apologies for having a fall wedding.
I have heard all types of reasons why someone chooses to have a fall wedding. None of them are good reasons, but people will try. Couples who try to justify having a fall wedding being on bye week. Just because my favorite team is not playing that weekend does not mean I do not want to watch all the other televised games. Apparently they do not understand the coach needs me to scout out the competition before our team plays them.
My least favorite excuse for having a fall wedding is “our team is playing a cupcake team so it should be an easy win”. Again people miss the point, the coach needs me to sit in front of my television to look at the second and third string to see what kind of talent we have on the team for the coming years. I do not think this a hard concept to grasp.
Believe me when I tell you your friends and family want to be at your wedding to see you walk down the aisle, watch your first dance routine you have been practicing for weeks and eat the cold rubbery chicken at twelve dollars a plate. All football fans ask is out of 52 weeks in a year just to aside 17 of them.
At the end of the day, friends do not let friends have fall weddings, and family members should just know better.
So what can YOU do to help? First you can tweet and post this article on your Facebook or twitter with the hashtag #StopFallWeddings to raise awareness.
Next you can change your social media profile picture to one of the following images. All teams colors are represented because this crime against college football society is a problem for all of us.
This may be a long and arduous fight, but together we can achieve anything.






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