Tennessee’s Coaches Hoping Photoshop Gets Them Back On Top


Tennessee’s coaching staff is full of Photoshop hype, but haven’t proved anything on the field yet.
Tennessee’s coaching staff sure is talented at the ole photoshop… or at least someone at UT is. They’ve certainly tweeted some really special images the last few weeks.

How quickly is someone going to photoshop a doobie into that GIF?
I have no problem with flashy photoshop magic and hype… I just think you should do something on the field to back it up first.
You can claim that Tennessee is about to be back on top all you want, but Tennessee fans have been saying that for nine years now and it hasn’t happened yet. I think the threat of “OH THE SLEEPING GIANT IS COMING BACK GO VOLS” lost some of its scare for me after year six.
I also think after nine years of beat-downs from your rival you probably don’t get to call yourself a giant of the conference, sleeping or otherwise, anymore.

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Then there’s this… I don’t know what to call this.

“OH YOU GUYS GAME OF THRONES IS HOT AND IT RHYMES WITH JONES!!!” – some UT intern with a pirated copy of photoshop
The Vols certainly do love Butch Jones and are convinced that he is going to be their savior. Of course Jones hasn’t actually beaten Alabama, Georgia, or even a Will Muschamp lead Florida team yet; or even pulled off an overall winning record, he’s 12-13.
I don’t want to knock anyone’s Tax Slayer Bowl win over an Iowa team that also lost to Iowa State, but I don’t think that’s the step before national title or beating Alabama.
You just can’t tell that to the Vols though, they have new Nike uniforms and they just know it’s their year. Tennessee is starting to feel more and more like Miami. All they talk about is the great “swagger” at the “U”, then they walk out to 100 fans in the stadium and lose to Boston College. What you did twenty years ago just doesn’t matter much anymore guys. Wasn’t that the complaint the Vols used to have about Alabama?

If there’s two things on earth that are most certainly not #TideProof it’s seaweed and sand. Those things are actually objects brought to shore and taken away by the Tide. Someone please explain irony to this poor hill person.

If I was from Texas I’d say the Vols are all hat.

Only 3,176 days since Tennessee last beat Alabama in football, but I’m sure their fans and coaches are right and this is their year!