SEC MEDIA DAYS: Alabama Live Blog


Are you stuck at work and going to miss Alabama’s SEC Media Days appearance? Follow along with our live blog and get all the day’s action as it happens! Just hit refresh every once in a while to see new updates.



-This is Saban’s 14th SEC Media Days event to attend

-Mentions daughter getting married this summer

-Welcomes Commissioner Greg Sankey, extends well wishes to Mike Slive and Ken Stabler’s family

-No news is good news. No players in trouble lately.

-Saban met with the team yesterday to let them know how they are doing. Lots of positive things and no negative. Wants them to continue to build relationships

-It’s going to be a challenge for the team to re-establish their identity. They did not finish the season like they wanted. Need to cut down on explosive plays and to be more physical.

-No quarterback news if you are wondering. They have guys that can take the bull by the horns but they haven’t yet.

-Defense will have a strong front seven with a pretty good bit of guys returning.

-Saban thinks the Tide’s schedule is tough as well as all of the schedules in the SEC.

-Saban said he wasn’t upset with satellite camps, but he doesn’t agree with it. He wants schools to adhere to the rules of off-campus recruiting. Saban wants the same rules to govern the Power Five conferences.

-On the confederate flag: Anytime something that is mean-spirited, he doesn’t believe that it shouldn’t be used. He wants symbols that promote human rights.

-On Jalston Fowler: Fowler being a fullback was an anomaly in their offense. Probably will go back to the way they played before Fowler arrived.

-On Jonathan Taylor: Saban said he doesn’t regret bringing him in. He was accepted with zero tolerance and now he is gone.

-On Kenyan Drake: Tremendous diversity as a player. Very easy to create mismatches with him because of this. Says Alabama needs playmakers like him. Lane Kiffin does a good job using players like Drake in the offense.

-Saban said the faster offense has altered his philosophy on defense greatly. You can’t play situational defense because there is no time to substitute. Also have to recruit differently

-The SEC, top to bottom, is one of the best leagues in the country. A lot of good coaches and teams in the western division. Foot print for the league has gotten a broader reach. Has respect for the teams that the Tide plays in the East as well.

-Team chemistry was affected from the SEC Title game to the semifinal game. There are lots of deadlines for guys going to the NFL while the team is trying to get ready for the game. Saban doesn’t want draft grades sent out until after the player has finished competing in college.

-On quarterback Jake Coker: Has done a great job and has improved. Wants to see him continue to develop consistency and to make decisions quickly.

-On cost of attendance: Outstanding to have that benefit for the student-athlete. Alabama doesn’t use it as a recruiting tool but, concentrates more on what the player can get from them. It could affect recruiting in the future, but it’s more there to improve the quality of life for the player.

-Saban likes the College Football Playoff but wants to maintain the quality of the smaller bowl games for those players as well.

-Saban says they have some talent at the receiver position. None of those guys have the experience that Amari Cooper had but they do have the talent.

9:01 a.m. Love me some Kenyan Drake

8:29 A.M. The SEC certainly planned this out well.

8:27 A.M. Saban is ok with questions about the wedding, the quarterbacks… not so much.

8:22 A.M. Some fans are getting Ryan Kelly’s autograph.

8:16 A.M. Nick Saban is in the house y’all.

8:15 A.M. Only 45 minutes to Saban time! In the meantime you could read about how Dan Mullen doesn’t think Nick Saban has swag.

7:52 A.M. Nick Saban draws a crowd you guys.

7:39 A.M. Two Ohio State fans have showed up at Alabama’s SEC Media Day.

7:00 A.M. Nick Saban is set to speak at 9:00 A.M. followed by LB Reggie Ragland, RB Kenyan Drake, and OL Ryan Kelly.