Plaxico Burress Has All The Flavors But Chooses Salty


One of Coach Saban’s former players at Michigan State, Plaxico Burress, took to Twitter to try to shoot Saban in the leg (pun intended) over Saban’s time at Michigan State.

If my memory is correct, this isn’t the first time Burress posted his comments to a website or app that Saban never uses. If he really wants his message to be heard, he could also call. I mean, that is what all real men do.

Let’s look at what Wyatt Earp had to say.

First of all if you didn’t struggle with the concept of counting to potato, you would probably realize Saban’s rant was about a player making all the money they can.  If they get a lower grade, they can make a little more money by coming back more than likely. He doesn’t want everything hitting them at once. Most of us have had several things on our mind at one time and all of it affected a decision or job performance. Look at Burress. I’m sure he wished his head would have been totally clear the night he accidentally discharged a bullet into his own appendage.

I can’t say I really blame Saban for telling a lie before he left Michigan. I would almost consider committing a crime to get out of there. He moved on to a better job, in a better conference and in a better region. Folks think about their family first and if he felt this move was beneficial to them, it’s not Burress’ or anyone else’s business.

Let’s look at the numbers. We have one butthurt Spartan that continually has chronic Diarrhea of the mouth but the others that speak out have hardly anything negative to say. Let’s look at one that has a great chance at being mad. “Coach Saban is a great person who does believe in due process, who does believe in second chances,” Jonathan Taylor said per “He’s not a guy who worries about what people think. I wish Alabama would have waited because it was shown I did nothing wrong.” Taylor was under zero tolerance at Alabama and got into some more trouble, but those charges were dismissed.

I have always learned that the one who screams loudest is usually the guilty party. Wonder if Burress is hiding some of his transgressions while he was in a Spartan uniform? Perhaps some voluntary gun safety classes could help get his mind back on track.