The SEC Tinder Game

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Kevin Sumlin – The most Texan of all the Texas coaches of the SEC

Turn-Ons: the state of Texas, creepy group chants

Turn-Offs: female cheerleaders, a regular cheering crowd

Body Type: looks better in overalls than Charlie Strong would

Eyes: more beautiful and full of the love of Texas than Charlie Strong

About Kevin:

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls, I’m Kevin “Tex” Sumlin, the most rootin’ tootin’ coach at the most he haw’n school in The Republic of Texas! Yippee! Texas A&M is at least twice as Texas as that Charlie Strong and his Longhorn school. We’re the premier cowschool in the state! Even though we don’t play Texas, TCU, or Baylor it’s important to our self worth that you say we are the best.

What Are You Looking For In A Partner?

I’m looking for someone to come in and make crazy lucky plays and cause all kinds of chaos on and off the field.

What Do People Notice First About You?

People say “is that Yosemite Sam? Nope, that’s just Kevin Sumlin, the most Texas man ever!”

Favorite Band: Yellow Rose of Texas

Favorite Movie: Is there are Walker Texas Ranger movie?

Religion: Tex-Mex

Sexual Preference: cowgirls

A Random Fact About You: I live in the Alamo.

If You Could Be Any Animal What Would It Be? an armadillo

If You Didn’t Do What You Do Now, What Would You Do? I’d be in the rodeo.

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: my six shooter, my lasso, and my trusty steed “Land Rover”