The SEC Tinder Game

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Steve Spurrier – The angry grandpaw of the SEC

Turn-Ons: golf, a good visor, crazy old grampaw rants

Turn-Offs: 8-5 seasons, Dabo, making sense when talking to a reporter during halftime, YOU KIDS ON MY LAWN!

Body Type: freakishly strong for an old man

Eyes: with an oddly youthful mischievous twinkle

About Steve:

Hi I’m Dave, a graduate assistant that coach Spurrier had fill this out for him.

What Are You Looking For In A Partner?

Someone who understands that everything was better in the 1990’s.

What Do People Notice First About You? That you can not stop me from taking off my shirt… or shoes… or pants, if that’s what I want to do.

Favorite Band: All music should have stopped with Elvis

Favorite Movie: Happy Gilmore, that Adam Sandler is a treasure by golly.

Religion: Heisman

Sexual Preference: surprisingly active

A Random Fact About You: I whipped the Kaiser.

If You Could Be Any Animal What Would It Be? an ostrich

If You Didn’t Do What You Do Now, What Would You Do? I’d be killing it on the senior PGA tour

3 Things You Can’t Live Without: the forward pass, my membership to Augusta, 1996