Around the SEC: Week One

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Smokey and the Tennessee Bandwagon are waiting for YOU!

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The Tigers won a game on Saturday against a team I didn’t even know existed. Mizzou was able to beat Southeast Missouri State 34-3 to get their 2015 campaign started.

Mizzou topped 400 total yards and they were able to hold the Redhawks to 191.

The Tigers actually have to travel to Arkansas State this Saturday. Seriously, why is an SEC team going on the road to Arkansas State?

They’ll return home to face UConn and should start the year 3-0 before they travel to Kentucky to start their quest of three straight SEC East titles.

South Carolina:

The Gamecocks were the first SEC team to notch a victory in 2015, but they sure weren’t the most impressive. They beat North Carolina 17-13 in the season opener in Charlotte.

Let’s be honest ole Spurrier should have lost this game, but instead North Carolina’s quarterback decided he liked throwing to the guys in garnet and black in the end zone.

QB Connor Mitch wasn’t exactly what we’ve come to expect from Spurrier coached quarterbacks. The young signal caller was an abysmal 9 for 22 with 122 yards.

The Gamecocks return home this weekend to face Kentucky in what will be both team’s SEC opener.


The Vols started their run to a 19-0 season with a 59-30 win against Bowling Green in Nashville.

I know what you’re thinking, that it’s impossible for a team to go 19-0 in college football. You clearly have not been listening to the Tennessee hype this offseason my friend.  The Vols might just shock us all and get to that 40-0 plateau that even Kentucky Basketball couldn’t get to!

In reality; the Vols let a Bowling Green team hang around a lot longer than they should have, especially for a team that has expectations of winning the SEC.

This one was 21-20 right before the half and even got to 35-27 a few minutes into the third quarter. I guess ole Smoky finally wore them down as Tennessee ended the game on a 24-3 run.

The Vols will have to step it up a bit this week as they return to Knoxville to host Oklahoma. We’ll see what this hype train is really about come Saturday at 5.

South Carolina did just enough to squeak by in their week one game.

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