Alabama Football Sound-Off: Do We Have A Quarterback?


Alabama Football is now two games into the season and can say we have two wins. Can we say this with pride? I’m not too sure. After our first game in Texas and our second against a team who everyone dubbed a cupcake team, Bama Hammer asked its readers, the pulse of the entire site, what their thoughts were on the current quarterback situation. After all, if you are a frequent reader of Bama Hammer you are obviously a learned Alabama Football fan and we want to share your thoughts!

Yesterday was an interesting day for the Southeastern Conference. I would compare it to a roller coaster ride coordinated by the Undertaker. While fellow Bama fans may not have had as many negative emotions as our friends in West Georgia, it still was not pretty. There was an obvious position, or two, that needs some serious work. I think we can all agree there are certain parts of special teams that need a complete overhaul. The question we posed to our smart readers was focused on the quarterback situation. Let’s review their responses.

I think this is a response a lot of Bama Nation would agree with currently. Alabama Football, like it has before, is searching for its offensive leader. While I believe our running backs and Ryan Kelly will take care of a lot of the work, we need a quarterback for everyone to rally behind.

Yesterday afternoon Bama Nation and others watching the game had the pleasure of seeing Jacob Coker and Cooper Bateman. These quarterbacks have two completely different styles, but their lack of execution, especially against a non-threatening SEC opponent, left a lot of Alabama fans scratching their heads.

While Coker does not scare me, he does worry me a lot. He is very slow to make decisions – something you cannot do in the style of offense Saban and Kiffin are trying to create. He may be the leader of our offense this year, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if we continue to see a revolving door at quarterback while we continue to search for our identity.

I tend to agree that Coker will be evaluated heavily during practice this week and if he can’t do his job – he may be replaced. We have our SEC opener coming this week and without a confident body behind center we will see some serious issues.

I will not say this is the best idea, but at this point do we have a best option? Other schools have started true freshmen with success, maybe it is time for us to give it a try as well. Even Alabama Football has to change its course every now and then.

Daddy Donut has a point. We need to have some patience. This is a problem all Alabama fans have and we should believe in our coaching staff. Maybe patience is the best bet. Maybe we need to wait for Saban and Kiffin to weed out the weak and bring forward the strong.

Whether it is patience, lack of ability, or just a figment of the crazy fans’ imaginations there is something that is not clicking on the Alabama football offense. It’s time to figure this out before we get any further into the season.

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