Around the SEC: Week Three

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SEC West Winners:

Grown Man Leonard Fournette took care of Auburn on Saturday.

Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports


LSU is our first SEC West winner for week three, as they took down the Auburn Eagles 45-21. When I say “they” I most certainly mean Leornard Fournette.

Seriously, that man deserves a Heisman based on Saturday alone. When it was all said and done, Fournette tallied 228 yards on just 19 carries, he added three touchdowns as well. For any of you Auburn fans reading; that’s 12 yards a carry.

Gus Malzahn on Fournette’s performance:

"“”They did a good job blocking and the kid (Fournette) broke some tackles, too, and made a few big runs.”"

Please do not call him a kid. That’s a grown ass man if I’ve ever seen one.

LSU’s defense looked good too; they held Auburn to 260 total yards and 14 points. No, I’m not counting that garbage time touchdown; sorry barn.

Although the passing game still hasn’t looked great, it may not matter. If Fournette keeps running like this and the defense keeps playing like they are, LSU might not need to throw the ball at all to make the playoffs.

Mississippi State:

The Cowbells had the easiest game of the SEC weekend as they took on Northwestern State from the FCS.

As you might have expected Mississippi State won this one rather easily, 62-13. When it was all said and done, Dak Prescott became Mississippi State’s all time leading passer. What an accomplishment that is! Who’d Dak beat out, Brett Favre’s nephew?

This was merely a tune-up game for the Bullldogs as they have their sights set on a much larger task this weekend, taking down Auburn. God speed State!

Ole Miss:

Look I think we all know what happened here. Alabama gave Ole Miss five turnovers and they only won by six. I’m not trying to take too much away from Ole Miss here; they are a great football team and I congratulate them on their victory.

Texas A&M:

Well, the Aggies just keep on winning. Granted this one was against Nevada, but hey 3-0 is all you can ask at this point.

The final was 44-27, but Nevada actually cut this down to a two score game with nine minutes left. The Aggies were able to add a late field goal though to hold off the Wolfpack.

Kyle Allen had five touchdowns on the day, and the Aggies notched their 19th straight non-conference win. That steak is the longest active streak in the country.

Although the Arkansas game won’t be quite what we thought it would be, we’ll still see how A&M holds up against an SEC opponent.

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