LSU Fans Are Already Making Excuses For A Loss To Bama


While Bama fans are discussing the game and ways Alabama can come away with the win, LSU fans are already busy making excuses for a loss.

Most Bama fans I’ve talked to are discussing the game and ways Alabama can come away with the win. LSU fans on the other hand are busy making excuses for a loss in a game that hasn’t even been played yet.

This isn’t anything new, it’s their thing. Complaining is the same to LSU fans as cooking gumbo and jambalaya. Everyone is out to get them and they will be sure to remind you of that in their LSU embroidered tin foil hats that can be picked up at all major boudin outlets in Red Stick.

This was a radio show from last year. Now this isn’t your usual whack-job like Tammy from Finebaum or Jim from Tuscaloosa, this is a person that gets paid to talk on the radio. Y’all! He gets paid!

Then there is the matter of scheduling because they can’t sack up and play what is front of them. The SEC offices are out to get them. One level-headed fan wanted to get RICO charges against the conference for Alabama corruption. Don’t believe me?

Now the Tigers have one of the best players in college football so things should be a little different now, right? They should be entering Tuscaloosa with lots of confidence that they will finally end the four-game streak and get the Tide out of their heads for good. They’re not. Let’s check to see what how they are looking at the matchup.

They even worked in the main talking points that you are given the day you are welcomed into the world in a Baton Rouge hospital: scheduling and officiating.

Perhaps the fans are more in-tuned to what is exactly in front of them for the taking?

"RIP to our championship run"

Don’t let facts get in your way of your asinine conspiracy theories.

Hometown: Nashville, Tenn.
Profession: Business consultant for an industrial supply company.
Officiating: Began officiating in 1976 while a junior at Rice University. Joined the Southeastern Conference (SEC) in 2000 and is currently a referee. Key assignments include the 2003 and 2012 SEC championship games, the 2011 Fiesta Bowl, the 2010 Alamo Bowl and the 2007 Orange Bowl.

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Five in a row is coming and they can not stand it. And if it happens, it will be with a head coach that used your school as a stepping stone to move on to a better to a better program. Roll Tide, y’all. The fear of the thumb is alive and well.