LSU Fans Are Still Obsessed With Nick Saban


LSU fans are still obsessed with Nick Saban and these angry tweets from last night’s LSU loss to Alabama prove it!

With LSU fans it always comes back to Nick Saban, they just can’t get over him.  Their hatred of Alabama and all their swamp folk anger comes from feeling like they were spurned by Saban.  If an LSU fan ever tries to tell you that they aren’t still obsessed with Nick Saban show him these hilarious angry swamp folk fan tweets.

WARNING: some of these swamp folk use bad words and these tweets may be considered NSFW.

The epitome of everything I hate would have to be cancer… or maybe poverty and oppression.

I guess after 5 loses in a row you can call it a curse.  The LSU fan sitting several rows down in front of me actually had a Nick Saban Voodoo doll with her at the game.

Damn dude that’s sad, I hope this hater finds love.  Maybe you should try Tinder?

I’m not sure that’s biologically accurate.

LSU has filled for academic bankruptcy, I’m not sure they should be so casual with their money anymore.

If Nick Saban lived to be 100 and died at his desk at Alabama LSU fans would be like “WE TOLD YOU HE WAS GOING TO LEAVE YOU.”

I don’t think emotions are supposed to be physically painful, maybe you should see a doctor?

Without Saban you wouldn’t have Mark Ingram.

You hate the letter “A”, but your last name is Anderson?

God answers all prayers, but sometimes the answer is “no”.

I’m not sure Jesus condemns people for football games.

Let’s mix in some bigotry because swamp folk.

Nick Saban for president!

Finally some polite and respectful hate.

So much for polite and respectful.

We all die Derek… or did you mean this in a super creepy way?

This is a strange prayer.

Well as long as you don’t let it consume you for all time… wait.

Kendall’s hate is a big tent.

The following were four of the best Nick Saban hate tweets from LSU fans, but the poor swamp folk who tweeted them deleted the tweets today.  Luckily for all of us I got some screenshots last night!

Apparently Jeff thinks he is Nick Saban’s arch enemy.

This is both creepy and a cry for help.  Out of all the posts on this page this is the person I feel like is probably the most in need of someone to talk to.  When you start tweeting about “vengeance being the lord’s” you’re no long a sports fan, you’re now that homeless guy with the “THE END IS NEAR” sign.

Don’t worry Garth we will remember this tweet, we will cherish it and love it forever.

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LSU fans still can’t get over Nick Saban. It must be hard being one of the swamp folk after 5 in a row.