South Carolina Fans Do Not Want Will Muschamp


South Carolina fans are not happy about the idea of Will Muschamp being their next head football coach, and they are telling social media about it.

I get it South Carolina, I wouldn’t want Will Muschamp either.  They guy has done nothing but destroy teams for the past seven years. (That 2009 Texas team was pretty good until they ran into Alabama.) Personally I’m rooting for Will Muschamp to stay at Auburn and then be named Auburn’s next head coach after Gus gets fired next year.  I want Will Muschamp at Auburn for as long as I can have him there.

Unfortunatnly we don’t always get what we want and it looks like South Carolina is going to hire Will Muschamp, bless their hearts y’all.

South Carolina fans aren’t going quietly though, they are going to let the world know that they aren’t happy about the coming boom.

I’m pretty sure those 34 years were already wasted because… you know… South Carolina and all.

It’s the OMG that sells it.

They could coach themselves like in Varsity Blues.

I’m pretty sure this kind of talk online will get you on a watch list for bio-terrorism.

Again? Wait when were you… you know what, never mind.

Auburn is a big fan of the ridiculous fan online petition.

This one is my favorite.

Steve Spurrier was all class y’all.

Wait USC wants him as well as South Carolina?

Greg was apparently elected spokesman for the group.

I don’t think Will Muschamp does any management of his anger.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Ray Tanner, I beg you, anyone but Muschamp, please"

That epic no was ruined a bit by the praying hands emoji.

Oh he’s more than a touch crazy Jayson.

Caps make people take you seriously.

Dogs don’t know they aren’t bacon.

This is the funniest part, two months and you end up with Muschamp.

The dead ones love Muschamp though.


And finally these jewels of Twitter are from my dear friend @GamecockColonel who you should follow.  Bless his soul.

Seriously, I’m sorry South Carolina, I would never have wished this on you.