It’s Alabama vs The World In The SEC Championship Game


College football fans of all stripes are rooting for Alabama to lose the SEC Championship Game, it really is Alabama vs the world in this one.

We all know Alabama Football has a lot of haters, but this time it looks like we have even more than usual.  The whole of college football seems to be rooting for Alabama to lose the SEC Championship Game to the Florida Gators.

Some of those rooting against Alabama are bitter Tennessee and Auburn fans, some are Ohio State fans looking to get into the playoff, some are just crazy B1G fans who are still suffering from little man syndrome due to the SEC’s dominance over the last few years.  No matter what their many and varied reasons are they are all about to be disappointed.

Here is the best hate from the multitude of Bama haters:

Kamari is part of that big Bethune-Cookman vs Bama rivalry I guess.

How strong is the hate? It’s FSU fan rooting for Florida strong.

An actual Gator fan, bless his heart!

Someone is going to say “War Gator” tomorrow.

A Clemson fan looking to get rid of the competition.

"What happens when Florida beats Bama?"

LSU fans will never stop hating.

A Chicago Bears fan for whatever reason.

A Vol picking the lesser of two I guess.

I don’t see how this is love?

An Ohio State.

More vawl things.

I don’t know Mitch, but this seems harsh.

Oh I love the #SECbias looney toons!

More from an Ohio State.

Ohio and Sportscenter?

Ohio State’n all over this thing.

So bad you guys.

TREES! Also, this cat has a creepy Twitter feed.

When did Skip Bayless become a Bama fan y’all?


What about Obi-Wan?

We love you anyway Braden… despite you being named Braden.

VERY beatable you guys, Shep knows.

Well that’s not a bet you should make at all.

lamo is the right part of this.

Doug wants you to remember him.

Oh how the FSU fans have changed when they hate Bama more than Florida.

Hey Gator Dad, are we sure that we should be making memes out of mass murderers? I think probably not right?

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I can’t wait until Alabama football disappoints all these jokers in the SEC Championship Game!