How the Heisman Race will Finish

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Will Derrick Henry join Mark Ingram as Alabama’s second Heisman winner on Saturday?

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The Heisman race means a lot to Alabama this year with Derrick Henry at the front of the pack, how will it all play out this week with the voters though?

Well folks the conference champions have been crowned and the bowl matchups have been set. We’re officially at the tail end of the college football season. No need to worry though because just this Saturday you have one of the best college football days of the year!

Saturday brings us two of the greatest things of the college football season; the Army-Navy game and of course the Heisman Trophy Presentation. The two things just scream college football history.

I will obviously be watching the Army-Navy game and I encourage you to do the same, but since Alabama has a serious Heisman contender we need to focus on that.

This year in college football has brought us a tremendous amount of great individual performances but there can only be one Heisman trophy winner. Many will say they have a legit shot at the hardware but in the end there’s only a handful of guys who will get the majority of the votes.

I believe there are five serious contestants in the end, but let’s take a look at a couple of guys who just missed the cut:

  • Jeremy Johnson – QB – Auburn: Based on all of the preseason hype around him he surely had to be a legit contender, right? No? Okay moving on.
  • Ezekiel Elliot – RB – Ohio State: One of the few Ohio State preseason darlings who actually had a really good season. Popping off at his coaches after their only loss will take away what few votes he might’ve gotten though.
  • Keenan Reynolds – QB – Navy: I know the Heisman isn’t a career award but I think we absolutely owe it to this guy to at least invite him to New York on Saturday. If nothing else, how awesome would it be to see a helicopter drop in after the Army-Navy game on Saturday to fly him to New York?
  • Leonard Fournette – RB – LSU: If Jeremy Johnson was your preseason winner here was your mid-season winner. Although Fournette will be mostly remembered for the Alabama game, we shouldn’t forget just how dominant he was early on.

So there are a few of the guys that will probably just miss out on the top 5 and New York invite; let’s get to the guys who will actually get a decent amount of votes.

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