5 Excuses Alabama Haters Will Use To Try To Deny Henry The Heisman

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Nov 7, 2015; Clemson, SC, USA; Florida State Seminoles running back Dalvin Cook (4) is brought down by Clemson Tigers safety Travis Blanks (11) during the second half at Clemson Memorial Stadium. Tigers won 23-13. Mandatory Credit: Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Reason #2 “IF…”

This one is particularly popular with FSU fans and Ohio State fans.

“IF Dalvin Cook had had as many carries as Henry then his numbers would be…”

Yes Derrick Henry had more carries than Dalvin Cook, but that’s not how reality works.  You can’t just assume that you can scale up Dalvin Cook’s average. What if that many carries had broken him and he ended up injured?  We have to go with what happened on the field, otherwise you can claim anything.  Well if Derrick Henry had played ACC teams he would have had 4 trillion yards this year… see how this is a dumb game?

Ohio State fans brand of “if” comes from play calling.

“If Ezekiel Elliot had better play calling he would have…”

Well the only person to be mad at about that is Urban Meyer, but if you do complain to him don’t talk too sternly to him, he has a heart condition.

“IF” is a dumb excuse to hate on Derrick Henry because you can claim anything, these are not people you should even bother arguing with.

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