Hilarious Bitter Fan Tweets About Derrick Henry For Heisman


Some fans of teams not named Alabama are very upset that Derrick Henry is probably going to win the Heisman.  Here are the best insane rants from Alabama haters about Henry for Heisman.

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Just like there are a lot of people who don’t want Alabama football in the playoff because they hate Alabama there are a lot of ridiculous fans who don’t want Derrick Henry to win the Heisman for the same reason.  They of course usually give a bunch of fake reasons of why they don’t want Henry to win the Heisman so they don’t have to admit their hate… but that’s what it’s about in the end.

Here are the best bitter hater tweets about Derrick Henry for Heisman:

Apparently Derrick Henry shouldn’t get the Heisman because he went to Bama AND ALL CAPS SAID SO.

So to these fans Alabama making backs look good and succeed is somehow a bad thing.

Because Derrick Henry was able to put his team on his back while his teammate was injured he shouldn’t get the Heisman?

Auburn fans have always been huge supporters of Navy’s Keenan Reynolds Heisman hopes, they aren’t just doing this now because they are bitter and want to hide their pettiness behind patriotism.

If you don’t love Keenan Reynolds then you hate America, saying that makes you more than an Auburn fan, it makes you gross slimy disingenuous trash.

Derrick Henry’s steady and constant dominance just doesn’t tickle Devonte’s fancy.

You can’t say that, but Kendall can just say whatever nonsense he’d like to make up and it’s fine.

Connor doesn’t understand how the Heisman voting system works at all, but he would like to explain it to you.


Saeed can see steroids apparently.

Good teammates should disqualify you AND MORE CAPS OF RAGE!

Three out of the last four Heisman winners have been from outside the SEC but OK BRO!

They check everyone for roids, Grier just happens to be the guy who was taking them.

The magic tent hides all Alabama’s steroids apparently.

People voted for Derrick Henry, BAMA CHEATIN’ AGAIN PAWL!

Carrying the ball should disqualify ball carriers.

#1) No he didn’t.
#2) Your Herschel Walker argument is based on Walked having less of a chance, but Walker had more carries than Henry and you’re dumb.

Because “Slumpsy” said so.

8-5 Holiday Bowl USC’s defense is the best ever!

Derrick Henry isn’t a Prius, he’s a tractor and he will run you over.

Good teammates should disqualify you.

Ohio State can’t stop crying you guys.

The Heisman should be about blocking.

well you’re “emcarrasing” me too Stephen.

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Haters are going to hate, I’m sure we will have a whole new batch of rage after Saturday night’s Heisman ceremony. Roll Tide!