Michigan State Fans Aren’t Over Saban Leaving


Michigan Sate fans are still mad that Nick Saban left MSU for LSU… sixteen years ago.

ICYMI: Auburn are not happy about having to go to the Birmingham bowl.

I guess you can add Michigan State fans to the list of spurned ex Nick Saban lovers with LSU and Miami Dolphins fans.  Nick Saban left Michigan State 16 years ago for LSU and apparently many Spartans are still holding on to this “betrayal”.

Look I get being upset about a coach leaving, I was mad about Dennis Franchoine leaving Alabama for at least two weeks, but holding on to it for sixteen years is beyond stupid anger, that’s an unhealthy obsession.

This obsession is also tinted with a heavy helping of little brother syndrome.  Michigan State fans think Nick Saban left to get away from Michigan and stop being second fiddle. (Everyone reliable says it’s because LSU was just a better job and he couldn’t get a long with the Michigan State president, but that’s not the point.) Michigan State fans not only want to show Nick Saban that they are wonderful and he made a mistake, but prove to him that they are better than Michigan… oh good lord these nuts are the B1G’s Auburn fans aren’t they?

Here is just a taste of the crazy that’s blowing down from almost Canada:

Show us on the doll where Nick Saban hurt you.

All Nick Saban has done is win 4 national titles, while Dantonio won a Rose Bowl one time, obviously that’s advantage Dantonio.

And they still haven’t won a championship so…

He screwed them taking a better job, but all MSU fans are glad he’s gone because they are better without him BECAUSE LOGIC!

I wonder if he said this before the 49-7 beatdown MSU received from Alabama in the Capitol One Bowl too.

Doritos go in your mouth, but yeah he has played for a lot of ‘ships since leaving your school.

Sparty is certainly the better team this year, but do you really want to bet on that lasting? Come on.

OR it could be that playing in Michigan doesn’t help Alabama recruit but games in Atlanta and Dallas the first of every year do… naw, it’s totally the scared thing.

Well the athletic directors do this, not the coaches, but besides that… Alabama scheduled USC and Florida State. Maybe we just thought those were better games?

See the story keeps changing, did he leave for championships or a nebulous “elite” that’s easier for your fanbase to explain?

I want a pony.


Learn to handle it.


The Saban is not programed to cry.

These people are like an ex that is constantly texting you to try to show you that you made a mistake, get a life.

What about his face if they don’t lose? Are you excited about that too?

Once you take a job you should stay there for life no matter what? I’d still be working at a video store in Mississippi for $5.00 an hour.

You seem mad already though.

At least you can admit that you have a problem, that’s the first step.

I have one small piece of advice for you Michigan State fans…

Roll Tide y’all, I hope these fools never stop.