An Auburn Fan Birmingham Bowl Guide

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Apr 11, 2015; Birmingham, AL, USA; A general view of Legion field prior to the Sons of UAB alumni flag football game at Legion Field. While other schools around the country are planning spring scrimmages for their current teams and fans, former UAB players are making sure the Blazers get at least one more game at Legion Field. Coach Bill Clark started the alumni game last spring after his hiring and it


Here are some simple tips to help enjoy your time at the impressive Legion Field.

If you see a UAB football fan please refrain from touching them or looking at them directly in the eyes. Remember they are more afraid of you than you are of them. Also since they are an endangered species it’s a federal crime to interfere with them.

You could also stop by the United Methodist Center For Senior Citizens on Arkadelphia Road. They don’t have cornhole, but you can get hype with pregame bingo!

Tailgating location options on Arkadelphia Road include:

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Metro PCS

On The Way Spirits

Jet Pep

Mundo Latino

The Catholic Center of Concern

And “Wings and Teriyaki” a fantastic wings restaurant located in a gas station.

Legion Field will also inspire your children to grow by asking important questions like “why is that lady leaning in the window of that car?” and “why do the hobos camp out all the time?”

Once your inside Legion Field you’re going to want to avoid sitting under the upper deck, that thing is going to fall any moment now. Be sure to check your seat before you sit down, not for prize, but because if you get poked by some the exposed metal it could probably give you tetanus.

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As you can see your time in Birmingham is going to be exciting and rewarding, plus you’ll be back in your own bed / stable that very same day! WDE!