Auburn Fans Are Already Talking About Chip Kelly To Auburn


Chip Kelly got fired by the Philadelphia Eagles about ten minutes ago and already Auburn fans are hoping on the “Chip Kelly to Auburn” train.

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Somethings in life are predictable, like death and taxes and Auburn fans being completely insane. Chip Kelly’s time with the Philadelphia Eagles and 47 quarterbacks on a roster in the NFL has come to a close. Meanwhile Auburn is set to play (and more than likely lose) the Birmingham Bowl tomorrow. Oh the stars have aligned if you’re a crazy Barner!

Here are the best “Chip Kelly to Auburn” tweets from Auburn fans.

I don’t know if pay is the issue with a program that can’t get anyone to commit to being its defensive coordinator.

No, and you should get that cough looked at, it’s flu season.

Does Chip get a say or nah?

Jordan is ok with Chip Kelly, but only if Chip Kelly reads Auburn’s mind and commits to them before they ask.

Join the “fam” Chip, come and love us, be one with us, PRAISE XENU!

It’s your brand bro.

Auburn being in the SEC is starting to look questionable, so they for sure aren’t NFL caliber.

Ten minutes after Chip is fired and Auburn blog is writing about how it’s totally going to happen.

I like this one… and don’t you know South Carolina is kicking themselves now?

No see it’s a defensive coordinator you need…

So much has changed since Auburn fans claimed that Gus was going to win it all this year. Seriously, THIS IS WHAT THE BARNERS WERE PREDICTING FOR THIS SEASON IN AUGUST.

Does Chip Kelly have twitter? Because Auburn fans will be tweeting him soon.

Auburn blogs have found their dog to wag during the likely Birmingham Bowl fiasco.

Well USC and LSU have coaches for next year.  (I know he’s a UAB fan, but that’s pretty much the same thing as an Auburn fan right?)

Malzahn’s obit is being written as we speak.


As soon as we get to Narnia.

Would be predictable and the same story as Malzahn.

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Isn’t Gus Malzahn an all offense guy that is supposed to just use offense to win the SEC? Has that worked? So why would Chip Kelly be different? Auburn fans y’all.