SEC Football: One Big Dysfunctional Family

Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports /
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Kentucky: The CEOs

Don’t go getting ahead of me here. CEO doesn’t stand for Chief Executive Officer as one might see in the business world. In the SEC football family universe, CEO stands for Christmas-Easter-Only, and the Kentucky Wildcats represent those family members we only see a few times a year around major holidays.

Actually, we really don’t see much of Kentucky football during the fall…or anytime, for that matter. Since 1976, the Wildcats haven’t won an SEC title. The only other time Kentucky won the SEC was in 1950 – the same year they won the national championship under would-be Alabama HC Paul “Bear” Bryant. The Cats have an all-time losing record of 587-599-44. The last four seasons have seen only 14 total wins.

It’s safe to say that Kentucky football isn’t exactly noteworthy in the SEC right now. However, the Wildcats basketball team is phenomenal, holding the current record for most all-time wins at a staggering 2,205. Because Kentucky is only relevant between December and March, the Wildcats win the Christmas-Easter-Only title in the SEC family; the best title UK football has won in 40 years.

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