SEC Football: One Big Dysfunctional Family

Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mississippi State: The Next Door Neighbor

Have you ever been having a family get-together when you look around and realize there are a few more people at your house than you expected? As you start doing a head-count, you realize that Bob and Flo from next door have come around from their side of the fence because they felt like they were being left out of the fun.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs are the Next Door Neighbors in our SEC football family. They hang around the fringes, listening to other teams’ conversations and wanting really badly to jump in with their own thoughts. Sadly, when a Bulldog starts talking, most people don’t give them any credit. They only want to know how a Miss State fan ended up in that conversation in the first place, since MSU has never won a national championship, and the last time they won the SEC was 1941.

Other teams enjoy visiting the Bulldogs in Starkville – everyone there is sooo nice!  And when they go to other schools, everyone is STILL nice, because they’re just so doggone happy they got a real invite to a family party.

Much like the lonely next door neighbor who desperately wants to hang out with everyone, Miss State is always peeking over the top of the fence to see what you’re doing. They won’t yell or scream or throw things to get your attention – but they will ring the bejesus out of a cowbell.

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