Alabama Football: The Best of Tennessee Hate Week


The best jokes, memes, and tweets from Alabama football’s 2016 Tennessee Hate Week are here!

Tennessee Hate Week is a time-honored tradition for Alabama football fans. We love sharing a laugh over a jab at the Vols’ expense, because…well…why not? From the days of a Fulmer picture with the caption “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” to a play on Peyton Manning’s Nationwide jingles, Tennessee Hate Week brings Bama fans everywhere together as one.

This year brought out some of the best we’ve seen yet, and it’s only right that we share them with you today. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did searching for them!

World Wide Web Issues

Q: Why can’t the Vols get on the internet?

A: They can’t string three Ws together.

~submitted via Facebook

There’s Someone Out There For Everyone

Daily Dose

Mufasa’s Timeless Wisdom


Q: Have you heard the one about the good Tennessee football team?

A: Yeah, but it’s really old.

-submitted via Facebook


Not Gonna Happen

We Miss MySpace


Q: Why doesn’t Alabama float away into the Gulf of Mexico?

A: Because Tennessee sucks.

-submitted via Twitter @spensasellas

“They low down, they dirty. They some snitches.”

Never gets old.

Thanks, Obama.

No really. Thank you.

Winning Streak

Money Problems

Q: What’s the difference between a Tennessee football player and a dollar?

A: You can get four quarters out of a dollar.

-submitted via Twitter @BamaInAtlanta

Pure Poetry

Every Week is #TennesseeHateWeek

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The Alabama football game against the Tennessee Volunteers kicks off tomorrow at 2:30pm central time on CBS. The game is the Verne and Gary Special, so you may want to have your radio tuned to Eli Gold for commentary instead. Don’t forget to pick up a cigar or two to celebrate the victory. Roll Tide.