Alabama Fans Can Buy Face Value Tickets for the Sugar Bowl Right Now on ShooWin


Not a joke: You can now buy face value tickets for the Sugar Bowl, now and for the rest of the season.

It goes without saying that we are all rooting very hard for Alabama to make the Sugar Bowl.

Alabama is the best school, after all, and they deserve it.

But, as the old saying goes: Be careful what you wish for, because if your wish comes true, you might end up selling your car to be able to afford one ticket on StubHub. Then, the ticket might end up being fake and you will curse your team for being so great in the first place.

ShooWin allows you to buy a team-based reservation, starting as low as $10 before the season starts, to a specific game.

“What if there was a way to just buy a ticket to a big game for face value?” is a question that we often ask ourselves, along with “What if we could fly?” and “What if everything we touched turned to gold, but in a way that we could control?”

But now, the answer to one of those questions is: you can!

That’s right.

There is now a way to turn everything into gold — ahem — buy tickets to the hugest bowl games for face value, if your school makes it in.

The way to do that is through ShooWin, which was created by real fans who, like you, and us, and everybody in the world who isn’t Drake, were sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money on the secondary market.

You pick your seating section and know the exact face value of the ticket you’re reserving. If your team ends up playing in that game, you get to buy the ticket for face value, and not a dollar more. If they don’t, you lose the reservation fee, and life goes on.

Sugar Bowl: Reserve your seats now!

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Reservation fees fluctuate based on team performance, which means that you can make your reservation early — ShooWin often offers the chance to buy reservations to games before the season even starts — and come back to the site throughout the season to check how much your reservation is now worth.

Not surprisingly, the top contending teams have reservations prices with higher prices…which makes sense because those reservations are a lot more likely to make the game.

And let’s face it, ShooWin has great seats. I’m talking about Lower Level End Zone seats.

This is not a raffle. If you buy a reservation for Alabama’s Sugar Bowl game, when they make it in, you get that ticket for face value 100% of the time. ShooWin does not offer reservations for any tickets that they don’t already have access to.

The only risk you’re taking is that Alabama won’t actually make it to the Sugar Bowl, which is absolutely ridiculous to consider, because of course they’re going to make it. It would have to be completely rigged and unfair for them not to.

You can buy up to ten seats for each team. ShooWin purposefully limits the number of tickets you can buy in order to thwart the nefarious brokers who want to game the system.

Sugar Bowl: Reserve your seats now!

If you buy a reservation and it becomes available, you have to buy it. But here’s where it gets even better.

Let’s say it looks like Alabama is close to making it to the Sugar Bowl, when all of a sudden you realize, “Oh, crap, I think I’m supposed to get married that day?”

Don’t even sweat it. You can sell your reservation on the ShooWin platform all season long, up until it’s decided who is playing in the game. So now you just made some cash money and you get to spend the rest of your life in blissful matrimony.

We don’t know about you, but that all sounds like a pretty good deal to us.