WHO’S NO. 1? The BH Bracket Alabama Football Seedings


Cast YOUR votes every day starting Dec. 5 as part of a 64-person bracket to decide who is truly the best Alabama football player of all time!

It’s an argument held around water coolers and card games and dinner tables around the state of Alabama: Who is the best Alabama football player of all time?

Finally, BamaHammer.com is here to help!

Starting Dec. 5 and running to the day of the CFP National Championship Game on Jan. 9, 2017, YOU CAN DECIDE in daily bracket-style voting to determine the best Alabama football player of all time!

Below are the seedings and first-round matchups in each of the four 16-player brackets:

Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama Crimson Tide /

Alabama Crimson Tide


1-QB Joe Namath (1962-1964)

2-RB Mark Ingram (2008-2009)

3-RB Derrick Henry (2013-2014)

4-RB Shaun Alexander (1996-1999)

5-HB Harry Gilmer (1944-1947)

6-HB Johnny Mack Brown (1923-1925)

7-QB Kenny Stabler (1965-1967)

8-HB Millard “Dixie” Howell (1932-1934)

9-QB A.T.S. “Pooley” Hubert (1922-1925)

10-RB Bobby Humphrey (1985-1988)

11-QB AJ McCarron (2010-2013)

12-QB Steve Sloan (1963-1965)

13-QB Riley Smith (1933-1935)

14-QB Jay Barker (1991-1994)

15-RB Trent Richardson (2009-2011)

16-QB Pat Trammell (1959-1961)


(1) QB Joe Namath vs. (16) QB Pat Trammell

(2) RB Mark Ingram vs. (15) RB Trent Richardson

(3) RB Derrick Henry vs. (14) QB Jay Barker

(4) RB Shaun Alexander vs. (13) QB Riley Smith

(5) HB Harry Gilmer vs. (12) QB Steve Sloan

(6) HB Johnny Mack Brown vs. (11) QB AJ McCarron

(7) QB Kenny Stabler vs. (10) RB Bobby Humphrey

(8) HB Millard “Dixie” Howell vs. (9) QB A.T.S. “Pooley” Hubert


1-SE Don Hutson (1932-1934)

2-WR Julio Jones (2008-2010)

3-TE Ozzie Newsome (1974-1977)

4-HB Johnny Musso (1969-1971)

5-DB Javier Arenas (2006-2009)

6-WR Amari Cooper (2012-2014)

7-WR David Palmer (1991-1993)

8-SE Dennis Homan (1965-1967)

9-DB Jeremiah Castille (1979-1982)

10-DB Bobby Johns (1965-1967)

11-DB Dre Kirkpatrick (2009-2011)

12-DB Antonio Langham (1990-1993)

13-HB Bobby Marlow (1950-1952)

14-DB Don McNeal (1977-1979)

15- RE Paul Bryant (1933-1935)

16-SE Ray Perkins (1964-1966)


(1) SE Don Hutson vs. (16) SE Ray Perkins

(2) WR Julio Jones vs. (15) RE Paul Bryant

(3) TE Ozzie Newsome vs. (14) DB Don McNeal

(4) HB Johnny Musso vs. (13) HB Bobby Marlow

(5) DB Javier Arenas vs. (12) DB Antonio Langham

(6) WR Amari Cooper vs. (11) DB Dre Kirkpatrick

(7) WR David Palmer vs. (10) Bobby Johns

(8) SE Dennis Homan vs. (9) DB Jeremiah Castille


1-OG John Hannah (1970-1972)

2-C Vaughn Mancha (1944-1947)

3-OL Billy Neighbors (1959-1961)

4-DT Marty Lyons (1976-1978)

5-OT Fred Sington (1928-1930)

6-OT Don Whitmire (1941-1942)

7-C Sylvester Croom (1972-1974)

8-DL John Copeland (1991-1992)

9-DE Eric Curry (1990-1992)

10-DT Jon Hand (1982-1985)

11-OL Barrett Jones (2009-2012)

12-OT Chris Samuels (1996-1999)

13-C Dwight Stephenson (1977-1979)

14-DL Terrence Cody (2008-2009)

15-DE Jonathan Allen (2013-present)

16-OT W.T. “Bully” VandeGraaff (1912-1915)


(1) OG John Hannah vs. (16) OT W.T. “Bully” VandeGraaf

(2) C Vaughn Mancha vs. (15) DE Jonathan Allen

(3) Billy Neighbors vs. (14) DL Terrence Cody

(4) DT Marty Lyons vs. (13) C Dwight Stephenson

(5) OT Fred Sington vs. (12) OT Chris Samuels

(6) Don Whitmire vs. (11) OL Barrett Jones

(7) Sylvester Croom vs. (10) DT Jon Hand

(8) DL John Copeland vs. (9) DE Eric Curry


1-LB Derrick Thomas (1985-1988)

2-LB Cornelius Bennett (1983-86)

3-LB Lee Roy Jordan (1960-1962)

4-LB Woodrow Lowe (1972-1975)

5-LB Keith McCants (1988-1989)

6-S Mark Barron (2008-2011)

7-LB Dwayne Rudd (1994-1996)

8-LB Barry Krauss (1976-1978)

9-S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (2011-2013)

10-S Landon Collins (2012-2014)

11-LB Dont’a Hightower (2008-2011)

12-LB Rolando McClain (2007-2009)

13-LB DeMeco Ryans (2002-2005)

14-K Van Tiffin (1983-1986)

15-S Tommy Wilcox (1979-1982)

16-S Rashad Johnson (2005-2008)


(1) LB Derrick Thomas vs. (16) Rashad Johnson

(2) LB Cornelius Bennett vs. (15) S Tommy Wilcox

(3) LB Lee Roy Jordan vs. (14) K Van Tiffin

(4) LB Woodrow Lowe vs. (13) LB DeMeco Ryans

(5) LB Keith McCants vs. (12) LB Rolando McClain

(6) S Mark Barron vs. (11) LB Dont’a Hightower

(7) LB Dwayne Rudd vs. (10) S Landon Collins

(8) LB Barry Krauss vs. (9) S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix