A Eulogy For Lane Kiffin’s Time At Alabama


Lane Kiffin wasn’t always the hero we wanted, but he was the one we needed at Alabama.

There’s no doubt that the heart and soul of Alabama’s success is Nick Saban. Coordinators have come and gone, but the process rolls on. Lane Kiffin however will hold a special place in my heart, because there’s never going to be another Joey Freshwater.

Just because Alabama can replace Lane Kiffin though doesn’t mean he wasn’t a big part of Alabama’s success. We all yelled “RUN THE DAMN BALL LANE,” but the truth is that Lane’s creative calls set up Alabama’s running success. Lane Kiffin didn’t allow a defense to load the box because you never knew what was coming next.

You can bemoan the jet sweep and bubble screen all you want, but more than one long Alabama run was probably due to a defense worrying about them coming. Think about where Alabama’s offense was with Nussmeier and then think about it with Kiffin. If you’ve forgotten the mess that Nussmeier created sometimes turn on a Florida Gators game and look at that offense, yikes. Nussmeier is like asking a waitress for a Coke and being given a Diet Pepsi, Kiffin is like asking a waitress for a Coke and being given a line of coke. Kiffin may not be what you wanted, but he will get you there and make it a wild ride on the way.

Alabama fans want to run the ball up the middle every play, but the fact is that football has changed. Because of Alabama’s line and talent they probably could run it up the middle and beat most teams, but that kind of one sided play wouldn’t win championships these days. I yelled as much “RUN THE DAMN BALL LANE” as anyone, but the reality is that Kiffin didn’t deserve all the heck we gave him.

Not only was Kiffin a great OC, he was a great troll. Kiffin was constantly annoying Alabama’s rivals, especially the Tennessee Volunteers.

Kiffin went back to Knoxville and showed no mercy. The hill people hated Kiffin and he reveled in it and made them pay for it, then he laughed at them. God bless anyone who treats the Vols like garbage and looks good doing it.

How eaten up with hate for Kiffin were the Vols? I once convinced Vol fans to call a cell phone number they thought was Kiffin and leave messages, and the results were just as glorious as you would have imagined.

Has another Alabama assistant ever had a skit on Tosh.0? I don’t think so.

Kiffin wasn’t for everyone, but he sure was fun.

So yes it was probably time for Kiffin to move on, Alabama’s offensive results in the Peach Bowl proved that, but I’ll still miss Coach Freshwater.

We may never have another coach whose son dabs on Auburn’s field.

God speed in Florida Lane, and bring on the “RUN THE DAMN BALL SARK” era.

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