The Best Lane Kiffin Alabama Moments

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Broyles Award Acceptance Speech (2014)

As a first year assistant in 2014, Lane Kiffin turned first-year starter Blake Sims into a record breaking quarterback and SEC Championship Game MVP. Kiffin won the Broyles Award, given annually to the best coordinator in college football.

His acceptance speech was his first time talking to the media since taking the Alabama job, and it was a memorable one. He was finally able to answer a question that had been coming up all season – what is Nick Saban saying when he’s chasing you down the sideline?

“I love you, Lane. Thank you so much for coming here. Can you quit throwing the ball so much and just run it?”

See? Even Nick Saban wanted Lane to run the damn ball! At least Kiffin has a good sense of humor about it. And he admitted that maybe jokes like this are why he wasn’t allowed to talk to the media.