The Best Lane Kiffin Alabama Moments

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Kiffin Attributes his Social Media to Nick Saban

At fan day before the start of this season, a reporter asked Lane Kiffin what his strategy was on social media. He laughed and then said that he doesn’t manage his own social media accounts – Nick Saban does.

This seems a little unlikely, honestly. If I had to guess, I’d say that Coach Saban doesn’t even know how Twitter works (and he doesn’t care).

Lane Kiffin is another story. He seems to have a lot of fun on Twitter, even playing around with Bitmoji.

And this troll of USC, while brilliant, doesn’t seem like much of a Saban move either.

It’s good to see that Lane is training his son Knox in the ways of the troll as well.

We’re certainly going to miss Kiffin on the sidelines, even if Steve Sarkisian runs the ball a little more (please, Steve?). Thanks for the memories and the titles, Coach. Best of luck at FAU.

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