Bret Bielema Is Scared Of Nick Saban


Bret Bielema isn’t offering a scholarship to a big time recruit from the state of Arkansas, because he doesn’t want to go head to head against Nick Saban.

Is Bret Bielema scared of Alabama and Nick Saban? Bielema isn’t offering a scholarship to a player from the state of Arkansas that Alabama and Nick Saban have made offers to.

Akial Beyers lives about a mile from Arkansas’ stadium in Fayetteville, but the hogs haven’t offered him a scholarship.

Some Hog fans are getting really upset with Bielema.

Other Hogs say that Aikal didn’t get a scholarship because he talked back to his mom, or doesn’t have the grades to make it at Arkansas. Take it all with a grain of salt though, we all know that crazy conspiracy theories on why anything bad happens to their school are the specialty of the Arkansas fanbase. I head Jon Gruden and this guy are headed to Arkansas to join Bert’s staff…

Despite the crazy theories of the hogs the simplest explanation is usually the truth. Bret Bielema probably just saw that Nick Saban was recruiting Aikal and knew that he couldn’t compete. After all, there’s no refs to complain to in recruiting.

There’s a reason, and that reason goes cluck, cluck, cluck. It sounds like Bielema is just afraid to have to go head to head with Alabama on a top state recruit. It’s better to claim that the kid isn’t someone you wanted than to lose another big recruit to Alabama. Bielema is following the North Korean Government templete for saving face. BRET BIELEMA NUMBER ONE BEST RECRUITER BIG TIME GO FOREVER WIN!

Les Miles is gone, and clearly Bret Bielema is the new clown prince of the SEC.

I sure hope Bielema didn’t eat at the KFC today for lunch, because that would be cannibalism.

I can’t wait to see all the “wait ’till next years” and “he just didn’t have Arkansas character” excuses from Arkansas fans in the comments and on Facebook.

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