Alabama Football: Five important hopes fans want fulfilled during fall camp.

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Alabama football camp starts this week. Let’s review five important hopes fans want fulfilled before the end of fall camp.

Alabama football fans hope for many things. Sometimes those hopes skew toward the unrealistic. We want a two-deep depth chart released by Saban on the first day of camp. We do not want to be reminded there are only rep charts until game week.

Those two unrealistic hopes will never come to pass. Soon after the first fall camp scrimmage, we will cobble together a projected depth chart. Until then, our pre-camp depth chart must suffice.

Fans will seek closure on Da’Shawn Hand’s status for FSU. The odds are we won’t know that answer until September 2.

We will all search for clues to the specifics of Brain Daboll’s new balanced offense. Again we will not learn much. Whatever we learn during fall camp, Jimbo learns, and Nick will give his past assistant few clues.

Enough of the hopes that for fans will be dashed. What can we hope to learn from fall camp?

Let’s review five other, more realistic hopes for fall camp

Field Goal Proficiency

Will Alabama football have a field goal kicker who can be consistent inside of 45 yards? A primary field goal kicker will be chosen in August. Maybe even two field goal kickers will be selected for long and short range.

Early reports are that true freshman Joseph Bulovas has been doing well in drills from inside 40 yards. Most of us would be fairly happy with consistency from that distance. A little more range, with little loss in accuracy, would be even better.

A Right Tackle ready for FSU’s pass rush

Something more than power run blocking will be needed against FSU. Alabama football fans need someone to seize the starting job. The best scenario would be for Lester Cotton to stay at guard. If so, either Matt Womack, Scott Lashley, Alex Leatherwood or even Jedrick Wills have to earn the RT start.

Leatherwood and Wills will become great players. Most fans hope Alabama football does not have to start a true freshman against FSU. That leaves Womack and Lashley.

Trevon Diggs to play corner as he did through spring, rather than as he did during A-Day

Nick Saban believes in Trevon Diggs and Alabama football fans want to do likewise. There is a good chance Trevon Diggs will become a great cornerback. He does not have to be great against FSU. A good performance against FSU should be acceptable. He cannot be A-Day bad against the Noles.

Backup cornerbacks who can step in if needed

Alabama football is thin at cornerback. Saban prefers to use Minkah and Tony Brown at safety and star. That basically leaves Levi Wallace and Nigel Knott as the options to backup Averett and Diggs.

No major injury attrition during fall camp

There are players Alabama football cannot afford to lose for game one. We all know who they are: Jonah Williams, Brad Bozeman, Da’Ron Payne, Anthony Averett, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Jalen Hurts. Injuries to other players could also be major losses, but the six listed are essential.

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So you have it – five hopes for fall camp. Are we fans asking too much? No, we are not, and besides hopes fulfilled is what makes college football so special.