Happy Birthday to 19 year-old Alabama football QB, Jalen Hurts

TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 09: Quarterback Jalen Hurts
TAMPA, FL - JANUARY 09: Quarterback Jalen Hurts /

Alabama football quarterback Jalen Hurts turned 19 on August 7. Does he have room to improve? You bet he does!

The 2016 Alabama football season saw an 18-year-old quarterback lead his team to within a second of a national championship.

Minutes after the painful loss, young Mr. Hurts was asked what comes next. The question was posed in the vein of how does a player and a team overcome such disappointment. Jalen’s answer was “my sophomore season starts tomorrow.” The answer was in the vein of moving forward, going back to work, learning how to improve.

It was apparent Jalen understood dwelling upon the loss was of no value. Learn from the experience and focus on the work necessary to never incur such disappointment again. Just words, but if put into action, they can become powerful.

All indications are that Jalen Hurts is wise beyond his years. No doubt his football coach father deserves much credit for his son’s maturity. With maturity comes the ability to face weakness. As a football player, Jalen was very good in 2016, but he had weaknesses. Some may argue those weaknesses cost Alabama football another national championship.

Will he improve in 2017? That answer will play out in 12 – 15 games. While Alabama football fans await the outcome, we should consider this – almost without fail a 19-year-old young man is stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally than he was at the age of 18.

The question is not will Jalen improve. The question is how much.

Brian Daboll talks about Jalen

As reported by al.com, Brian Daboll said this about Jalen before Saturday’s practice

"“He’s really improved his feet, his eyes and where he’s going with the football. But we’re in the third day of training camp and we’ll just keep grinding away trying to string some good ones together. But I appreciate the effort that he’s put in. A great young man. Really dedicated, smart, tough. So we’ll just keep grinding away with him.”"

Brian Daboll ascribes to a blue-collared approach that obsesses over fundamentals. The manner in which Jalen Hurts handled himself throughout the 2016 season strongly suggests he is well-suited for Daboll’s demands for execution.

Together they, along with Dan Werner and Chris Weinke, could build the most explosive Alabama football offense of the last 40 years. It is going to be great fun to watch.

For Alabama football fans, looking for more assurance, read the 5 reasons Jalen will be much improved.

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Looking for other evidence of the focus of the now 19-year-old Jalen Hurts? He discarded Twitter and Instagram a couple of months ago and will avoid social media throughout the 2017 season.