SEC Football: Auburn tweet storm still churning after Clemson loss

CLEMSON, SC - SEPTEMBER 09: Defensive back K'Von Wallace
CLEMSON, SC - SEPTEMBER 09: Defensive back K'Von Wallace /

As a SEC football fan celebrating the miseries of rivals is great fun. Auburn football fans are still in meltdown mode. Check out these tweets.

Right up front, let’s be clear, Auburn losing is not as good as winning but it is close. SEC football is a blood sport and for this fan, there are no chants of “SEC, SEC, SEC” when the Aubies are playing an out-of-conference foe.

Some Auburn contests are miserable for Alabama fans. When the west Georgia Tigers are playing Tennessee and Notre Dame, we cannot watch but pull for a 0-0 tie. Yes, a tie is no longer possible in college football. and that is why such contests are miserable.

What follows in this post is also bittersweet for this Tide fan. The Aubies are about done with Gus. We hate that. We would prefer they name him ‘coach for life.’

Yet it is satisfying when the almost always overhyped Auburn program crashes into reality. Remember all those years when Paul Finebaum defined Gus Malzahn as an offensive genius!

Struggled? Did Finebaum watch the game? Well, ‘mortified’ is a better word to describe the Auburn offensive mess. Barrett Sallee offered up some real facts.

So what is the spin down on the the ‘Loveliest Village on the Plains’

Right now a Gus promise has about as much chance coming true as getting Waffle House to cook up a souffle. Remember when Auburn’s long-time soothsayer, Pat Dye was touting the talents of the Aubie’s offensive line? Our guess is Dye will turn on Gus next, just as he did with Gene Chizik.

Here is the most positive spin on Auburn football.

The feeling sorry for Gus contingent certainly appears to the minority of Auburn fans. Deservedly so, Gus is getting most of the heat.

We could continue this post with another 50 tweets but at some point, it is just too much. Making fun of little brother too long becomes tiresome.

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Auburn football will press on in week three. Auburn will take on the Mercer Bears and it could not come at a better time as the Gus bus limps home with two flat tires.