The best tweets from Alabama Football 41-23 victory over Colorado State

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It certainly wasn’t as clean a victory as fans or Nick Saban would have hoped, but the 41-23 win put Alabama football undefeated headed to conference play. Fans, experts and personalities tweeted their thoughts on the 3-0 Crimson Tide.

There were a lot more games on Saturday night that had many fans attention, including Alabama football fans. So did the game in Bryant-Denny Stadium get overshadowed by Clemson destroying Louisville or LSU getting destroyed by Mississippi State? Probably so. But it did not stop the fans from having their own take on the 2017 Alabama squad.

It was a Saturday night in Bryant-Denny as Alabama football took the field:

Jalen hasn’t improved from his freshman year, you say? Please. These past two weeks have shown just how far he’s come. At Fresno State, some Alabama fans griped that he rushed too much. Jalen responded with 248 yards passing and two touchdowns, in addition to just over 100 yards rushing and a TD on the ground. He’s the guy.

Defense, on the other hand, had its moments. Certainly, giving up 23 points in the game wasn’t the greatest result. This defense is depleted from the injuries at the linebacker position. Former Alabama guard Alphonse Taylor said it best:

As good as the tweets during the game were, it was some of the postgame reaction that had the highlights. If you watch Nick Saban’s pressers the last few weeks, he’s gotten a little looser and had at least one or two quotable moments.

Various tweets from the game

Bring. It. On. Alabama football will be ready.

Tweet of the Week

SDH preaching some truth on Alabama football.

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Tweets that didn’t quite make the cut of Alabama football and CSU, much like Tennessee didn’t quite finish the game. Oh by the way…

What a game. Tennessee got Tennessee’d so hard Saturday. Almost as good as an Alabama football win is a Vols loss in a big game.

I hate to say it, but LSU did hire Ed Orgeron as their head coach. I’m sure LSU won’t suffer too much damage. After all, look at Ole Miss after he left…oh wait, nevermind.

Misery loves company, it seems.

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