The best summation of an Alabama football, players-only meeting

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 03: Shaun Dion Hamilton
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 03: Shaun Dion Hamilton /

Shaun Dion Hamilton said it was time for a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting for Alabama football. Is a meeting necessary, what did other players and Nick think about it?

Alabama football did not play defense at a level matching expectations against Colorado State. The Tide gave up 391 yards and 13 fourth-quarter points to the Rams. Neither fans or players were pleased with the performance. Senior linebacker, Shaun Dion Hamilton spoke out,

"“We’ve got to get back to the drawing board because that was just pathetic”"

On Monday, Nick Saban said the defensive problems were not a reason to panic. On a team relying on a former walk-on and a true freshman, growing pains are inevitable. While Saban counseled patience, players showed a sense of urgency.

Hamilton made sure the attention of the defensive team was focused by calling for a players-only meeting. Most players were tight-lipped about a meeting. Linebacker Keith Holcombe responded by saying,

"“The main thing, coming off any kind of meeting is getting that coaching. Understanding what you need to hear, what needs to be said whether it comes from a player or coach.”"

What about the Alphas?

Nick Saban wants to see leadership from his players. He had to have been pleased with Hamilton stepping forward to exercise that leadership. Last week during Nick’s Hey Coach radio show he talked about the personality of the 2017 team,

"There is not a lot of real dominant sort of Alpha dog personalities"

Hamilton is a leader but in a quieter manner than the ‘Alpha Dog’ personalities. While Hamilton taking charge is a plus for Alabama football, Saban knows that players-only sessions can sometimes fail. Against Colorado State, Hamilton did not have a great game. A list of missed tackles would include his name. If fingers are pointed during a players meeting, Shaun needs to point at himself first.

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Saban, ever vigilant to control all that can be controlled, cannot help but worry about the outcome of a players-only meeting. This is what Nick said about the value of such sessions,

"“It could be good and bad depending on how it’s handled … We don’t want these things to be like feel-good meetings where everybody feels good when they leave but they were concerned when they started.”"

Minkah Fitzpatrick said a meeting may not be needed after a strong practice on Monday. Speaking about the practice Minkah said, actions were important than words.

"“all I did yesterday, I tried to fly around, make all the calls and stuff like that. Shaun Dion was doing the same thing, just leading by example. And pretty much everybody followed, everybody did what they were supposed to do. Just leading with actions, I feel like, is a whole lot more beneficial than talking to people.”"

Rashaan speaks out!

Fortunately for Nick, and the Alabama football team, if there is a meeting, there will be some ‘Alpha Dogs’ in the room. Here is how one of them, Rashaan Evans, responded.

After Rashaan’s tweet, we imagine a host of former Alabama football ‘Alpha Dogs’ shouted full-throated concurrence. Welcome back Rashaan. Alabama football needs you on the field.

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Alabama football is fortunate to have player leaders like Shaun Dion Hamilton and Rashaan Evans, and others. Leadership is exercised through different approaches. Naturally quiet guys like Calvin Ridley lead by example. Others, like Jalen Hurts and Minkah Fitzpatrick lead by example and poise under pressure. There is no lack of player leadership on the 2017 Alabama football team.