The best tweets from the Alabama football 59-0 win over Vanderbilt

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It was an absolute beat down in Nashville Saturday. Alabama football silenced the oddsmakers by crushing Vanderbilt 59-0. The fans were just as brutal on Twitter and we pulled the best for you here.

Alabama football didn’t just win against Vanderbilt. They dominated their opponent. It was what Nick Saban wants to see week in and week out. It seemed Alabama was playing as if their puppy was just run over by a Commodore. That is to say, angry. Hell hath no fury than a scorned Crimson Tide.

Alabama fans, experts and pundits alike took to Twitter to express their take on the beatdown. We pulled the best tweets of the day and posted them here for your convenience.

Yes, Vanderbilt Stadium looked like Bryant-Denny North. Some had it about 90/10 in the favor of Alabama. Might have been the reason the stadium was still somewhat full as the game was getting out of hand.

“This is turning into the Bo Scarbrough-Damien Harris Show, which Jalen Hurts has pre-empted the past few weeks.”

— John Zenor(@jzenor) September 23, 2017

Alabama’s running game was the show Saturday. After Jalen Hurts showed us how well he can run the ball the past two games, Alabama reached deep in its depth and still scored touchdowns. Next one up, indeed. Take a look at the Alabama football sideline near the end of the game as Tide players exhort Nick Saban to let Ronnie Clark score a touchdown.

Tua had a day as well, showing a gifted arm and great poise in the pocket. That one play where he sort of improvised the play was pure talent. Give it time and he will be a force to be reckoned with in future seasons.

The best moment came from captioning the sad, lonely Vanderbilt fan

Tweet of the Week

“I’m still kinda stunned by the Bama-Vandy line (19.5). I don’t think it’s a slam dunk Bama will even score 19 on this D.”

— Dan Wolken(@DanWolken) September 17, 2017

Dan Wolken does good work as a sports journalist. Let it be known that Dan Wolken made a very very terrible call. Keep your day job Dan and do not go into odds-making as a profession.

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Tennessee is awful or at least the Vols were on Saturday. It is just so much fun to follow the ongoing Vols meltdown guaranteed to continue under Butch Jones.

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Check in with us each week when we collect Twitter’s best from the weekend. Next week could be great with a Tide win and maybe a Vols and Auburn loss.