Alabama Football: Top 15 Best Jokes For Iron Bowl Weekend

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The University of Alabama football team takes on the Auburn Tigers this weekend in the Iron Bowl. Here are 15 of the funniest jabs to prepare you for Iron Bowl weekend.

Everyone loves a good rivalry joke, especially when it’s between Auburn and Alabama football fans, right? We’ve got 15 of the


best jokes for those on both sides of the Iron Bowl field. No, one of them is not “Gus Malzhan.”

Obviously, these jokes are a little (okay, a lot) biased towards Bama, but you’re on an Alabama based fan site. So…Roll Tide!


#15.  What do you get if you drive across Auburn’s campus very slowly?

– A diploma.

#14.  How many Auburn freshman does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

– Zero, that’s a sophomore course.

#13.  What does AUBURN actually stand for?

-“Alabama Usually Beats Us Round November”

#12.  How do you get an Alabama football player off your porch?

-Pay him for the pizza.

#11.  What do you say to an Auburn player dressed in a three-piece suit?

-Will the defendant please rise?

#10.  What does the average Alabama football player get on his SATs?


#9.  What do you get when you cross an Auburn football player with a groundhog?

-Six more weeks of bad football.

#8. An Alabama linebacker, safety, and running back are all together in a car. Who’s driving?

-A police officer.

#7.  What’s the difference between the Auburn football team and a dollar?

-You can get four quarters out of the dollar.

#6. What should you dress as for Halloween to scare the daylights out of an Alabama football fan?

-A goal post.

#5. Did you hear the Auburn library burned down?

-The saddest part is that half the books weren’t even colored in yet.

#4.  What’s the difference between an Auburn cheerleader and a catfish?

-One stinks and has whiskers; the other goes great with hush puppies.

#3.  How do you break an Auburn fan’s finger?

-Punch him in the nose.

#2.  Recently, a group of zoologists was asked to describe the difference between an Alabama zoo and an Auburn Zoo. These were the results:

-An Alabama Zoo will have the name of the animal on the enclosure, followed by the scientific name of the animal in Latin.

-An Auburn Zoo will have the name of the animal on the enclosure, followed by a recipe.

And finally…

#1:  An Alabama fan, an Auburn fan, a Georgia fan, and a Tennessee fan are all climbing a mountain, arguing about who loves their team the most.

The Tennessee fan insists that he is the most loyal. He yells out, “This is for Tennessee!!!” and jumps off of the mountain.

Not to be outdone, the Georgia fan then yells out, “This is for Georgia!!!” and jumps off of the mountain.

Of course, the Alabama fan refuses to lose, so he yells out, “This is for Alabama! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!” … and pushes the Auburn fan off of the mountain.

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Hopefully, you read a joke that made you chuckle or, at least, crack a smile today. If you didn’t, you need to find a sense of humor. Regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s Iron Bowl, the world will continue to turn and both Auburn and Alabama football fans alike will have to try to continue to live together in peace. Well….mostly. RTR.