Alabama Football: Five reasons the Crimson Tide beats Georgia

TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 21: Rashaan Evans
TUSCALOOSA, AL - OCTOBER 21: Rashaan Evans /

Alabama football is better than Georgia in several key areas. Here are the top five reasons the Crimson Tide beats the Bulldogs.

Alabama football and the Georgia Bulldogs are so similar, some describe the teams as mirror images. While that may not be completely accurate in terms of the offenses, it is no doubt true with the defenses. Philosophy, schemes, even tactics are shared by both teams.

We are not prepared to state Monday’s game will be won by the better defense. We do see defense dominating and the team making the fewer mistakes winning the championship prize.

Senior Bowl Executive Director, Phil Savage knows Alabama football as well as anyone, not a Crimson Tide coach. This is how Savage described the game will play out.

"It will be a very disjointed, uneven, nonrhythmic for the two offenses. This won’t be a pretty game to watch … I think it will be a very physical game… it probably comes down to who makes the fewest errors…probably a big play on the negative side will end up determining the winner."

Football games are not won on only one side of the ball. Defense alone will not determine the outcome. Defense, plus special teams play combined can provide the winning margin. Here are the five defense and special teams reasons why Alabama football will beat Georgia.

No. 1 Alabama is better at stopping the run

The Georgia Bulldogs have a powerful rushing attack. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, stopping the run is what Alabama football does best.

The Crimson Tide is No. 1 in the nation in Rushing Defense, giving up an average of only 2.7 yards-per-carry. Georgia is No. 20, allowing 3.65 yards-per-carry. The difference in stats is not huge but it is significant.

No. 2 Alabama is better at pressuring the QB

In sacking opposing quarterbacks, Alabama is No. 22 in the nation, Georgia is No. 54. For the first time since the FSU game, Alabama has Rashaan Evans, Terrell Lewis and Christian Miller at full speed. The Tide can get pressure on Georgia without frequently having to blitz.

In addition, Jake Fromm is not a dual-threat QB. He can run for a few yards but he is a pocket passer. He will look to make quick throws to counter consistent Tide pressure. He will not beat Alabama escaping the pocket.

No. 3 Alabama is better at interceptions

Jalen Hurts does not throw many interceptions. Jake Fromm is also careful with the football but he has five interceptions in 259 pass attempts. Jalen Hurts has one interception in 246 passing attempts.

The Crimson Tide is No. 14 in the nation in making interceptions. Georgia is No. 62.

No. 4 Alabama is better at turnover margin

In a close football game turnovers could easily determine the outcome. Alabama is No. 5 in the nation in turnover margin at plus 15 turnovers. Georgia is No. 35 at plus five turnovers.

No. 5 J.K. Scott and punting hangtime

Georgia’s Mecole Hardman has tremendous speed. He has not returned a punt for a touchdown this season but is a threat to do so with every return. He has averaged 11.29 yards on punt returns.

The marvelous Crimson Tide punter, J.K. Scott has only had four punts returned all season. The average of those four returns is 1.25 yards. Scott’s hang-time will negate Hardman.

Five solid reasons and one more important factor

These are five solid reasons Alabama football will beat Georgia and win the national championship. There is one more category where the Tide must prevail. Alabama must at least equal Georgia in Time of Possession (TOP).

There are three reasons Georgia reversed its loss to Auburn in the SEC championship game. One reason is Auburn did not have a healthy Kerryon Johnson. The second reason was two Auburn turnovers. The third and the most important reason was Georgia won the TOP.

The Crimson Tide defensive advantages may not be enough if the Tide’s offense cannot chew up the clock. As good as Alabama is, it does not have the defensive line depth of past championship teams. The offense will need to produce enough points to win a low scoring game and eat up the clock.

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One more point that cannot be ignored. If Minkah’s bruised kidney is further harmed during play, leading to his exit from the game – Alabama football will not be the same team.