Alabama Football: Listen to Trent Dilfer on Tua and his football future


Since the national championship game, much of the college football world has been gushing about Alabama football phenom, Tua. Check out Trent Dilfer’s opinion.

Alabama football has had backup quarterbacks deliver in big games before Monday night. Steve Sloan did it in the 1964 Sugar Bowl, subbing for a suspended Joe Namath. Namath missed curfew several days before the game. Every Alabama football assistant but one lobbied Bear Bryant to let Joe play. The one who did not was Gene Stallings. Bryant agreed and Joe remained in Tuscaloosa when the team left for New Orleans.

The Crimson Tide won, beating Ole Miss 12-7 on a frigid Tulane Stadium turf. Tim Davis kicked four field goals for all the Tide points.

Setting aside that bit of history along with other less noteworthy backup QB stories, nothing comes close to Tua Tagovailoa. Given the sudden notoriety, Alabama football fans should know ‘Tua’ is short for Tuanigamanuolepola. The young man does not have another nickname and probably doesn’t need one. Fans have suggested Tua should be called the ‘Slinging Samoan,’ ‘Hawaiian Sharpshooter,’ and the ‘Polynesian Sauce.’ We prefer simply, Tua – starting Quarterback, the University of Alabama.

There will be a QB competition

Yes, that starting QB designation is jumping ahead. There will be a QB competition. There should be one. Jalen deserves a fair chance. There may even be a two-quarterback system, although Nick Saban disdains them.

However it plays out, expect the Crimson Tide to pass more in 2018 and the great majority of the throws will come off Tua’s arm. How good is Tua? More importantly, how good can he become? Brian Daboll said this about the accuracy of QB’s and Tua,

"“All of them can drop back seven steps and hit a house with the ball. Some of them can hit the door. A few can even hit the doorknob. Tua can hit the keyhole.”"

Fact, or hyperbole? The sample size of just 77 college passing attempts is too small for assurance. A better assessment of Tua can be provided by Trent Dilfer. Dilfer was a top college QB at Fresno State. He played 13 seasons in the NFL, starting every game at Tampa Bay for five seasons. He was also a Super Bowl XXXV, winning QB for the Baltimore Ravens.

Going back almost 20 years, the Elite 11 quarterback camp and competition has attracted the top high school QB’s. Dilfer is the head coach. In 2016, Tua, Jake Fromm, Sam Ehlinger (Texas), Hunter Johnson (Clemson) and seven other top QB’s made the Elite 11. Tua was voted the MVP.

The two videos below provide in detail Trent Dilfer’s first-hand knowledge of Tua. Both videos are from the Rich Eisen show. Both are worth watching in full.

Wow! Whatever your opinion of Trent Dilfer and Rich Eisen, these comments go beyond standard media gushing. There is nothing more to add. Tua Tagovailoa is or will be, a once-in-a-generation Alabama football quarterback.

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Jalen Hurts’ 26-2 record cannot be ignored. Jalen and Tua are both exceptional young men. Not even Nick Saban can know how this will play out in 2018. We do know the QB position is not a problem for the Crimson Tide.