Alabama Basketball: Feb. 16th NCAA ‘Bracket Watch’

TUSCALOOSA, AL - JANUARY 27: Herbert Jones
TUSCALOOSA, AL - JANUARY 27: Herbert Jones /

Check out where Alabama basketball stands in projected NCAA Brackets, plus the NCAA chances for the Tide’s last five regular season opponents.

Barring a near total, late-season collapse, Alabama basketball should return to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2012. The win over LSU suggested let-downs against weaker teams may be behind the Tide.

Alabama basketball has five remaining regular season games, plus SEC tournament games. The NCAA Selection committee chooses teams based on several key factors. The Tide’s record against top teams is tremendous, going 5-1 against ranked teams. Finishing 2-3 in the regular season and winning in the opening round of the SEC tournament would get the Tide to 20 wins.

Alabama basketball is in a strong position only needing two home wins. Not having to win another big game on the road gives the Tide breathing room. However, the home games against Arkansas and Florida will be tough contests. Both teams will be fighting to ensure their own NCAA tourney status.

Ironically, on Saturday, there will be more pressure to win on the Kentucky Wildcats than the Crimson Tide. It is hard to imagine the Cats missing the ‘Big Dance’ but they have only one easy game left. If the Tide takes them down on Saturday, the Cats could limp into the SEC Tournament with three or fewer wins in their last 10 regular season games.

A closer look at current bracket projections

ESPN’s Joe Lunardi has eight SEC teams in the NCAA field and no SEC, Bubble teams.

  • No. 1 Seed – Auburn
  • No. 4 Seed – Tennessee
  • No. 6 Seed – Florida
  • No. 6 Seed – Alabama
  • No. 6 Seed – Texas A&M
  • No. 7 Seed – Missouri
  • No. 8 Seed – Kentucky
  • No. 10 Seed – Arkansas

Jerry Palm has eight SEC teams in the NCAA field and no SEC Bubble teams.

  • No. 1 Seed – Auburn
  • No. 4 Seed – Tennessee
  • No. 6 Seed – Missouri
  • No. 8 Seed – Kentucky
  • No. 8 Seed – Texas A&M
  • No. 9 Seed – Alabama
  • No. 10 Seed – Florida
  • No. 10 Seed – Arkansas has the Tide a No. 7 seed. After the LSU win, the projected probability for the Tide making the NCAA Tournament field increased from 89 percent to 92 percent.

Finishing the regular season

Alabama basketball still has a tough closing run in SEC regular season play. Take a closer look at the five games and the current RPI for each team from

Feb. 17th – Kentucky in Lexington; RPI – 20
Feb. 21st – Auburn in Auburn; RPI – 4
Feb. 24th – Arkansas in Tuscaloosa; RPI – 33
Feb. 27th – Florida in Tuscaloosa; RPI – 54
Mar. 3rd – Texas A&M in College Station; RPI – 18

The current RPI for Alabama basketball is 32.

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Speaking of the Tide shining, the Alabama basketball women’s team reached a milestone this week. The Tide beat the Lady Vols in Knoxville for the first time ever. Kristy Curry’s team has a four-game win streak over Tennessee.