Alabama Football: ‘Bama Cuts’ Gives Insight on the ‘Process’ and More

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With new show Bama Cuts, Tide fans are getting a rare look at a more relaxed Coach Saban and the insight of some former Alabama football stars

Bama Cuts is a new show created by the University of Alabama that allows current and former Alabama football players, as well as head coach Nick Saban, to get candid with each other while getting haircuts.

The barber shop, which serves as the location for the show, is in the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility.

The first episode, which aired March 28, stars Julio Jones, Ryan Anderson, Eddie Jackson, and Nick Saban.  The two-part episode also features strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran and former receiver Calvin Ridley.

Common talking points were trusting the process, Tide vs NFL lifestyle, social media, and accountability.  Jones, who is normally quiet, engaged and talked a lot during both segments.

Jones mentions how being at Alabama better prepares you for the NFL because of the structure and workouts.  Anderson and Jackson both agreed that NFL workouts are actually easier, and players hold back more in practices.

However, at a place like Alabama, holding back may result in you not being in a position to play.  All players agreed that no matter your class status, if you put in the work, you will see the field. Jones also mentioned that players are on their own in the NFL in regard to training and nutrition, unlike Alabama where players follow strict schedules.

Although Jones mentions being on schedules, he also says that players should push themselves when training to bring out their best self. Coach Saban agreed and said it’s important for players to compete with themselves.

Jones spoke so highly of accountability, that Jackson and Ridley said that he sounded like coach Saban.  Maybe there’s a future in coaching for him.

Life on social media is an area that everyone agreed can bring more bad than good.  From things like distracting them from football or causing them to place unrealistic expectations on themselves.

Coach Saban isn’t a fan of social media or technology.  He admits that he can’t use “Miss Siri or whatever her name is” or send texts correctly.  Anderson also joked that if Coach Saban got on social media he would quit it.

Has Coach Saban Gotten Soft?

Julio Jones seems to think so, as well as Coach Saban himself.  Coach jokingly said that he’s gotten softer, doesn’t practice as hard, and gives players more time off.

Gotten soft or not, Alabama football workouts are still tough.  So much so that it almost scared Ryan Anderson away when he saw an Alabama documentary that showcased a practice.

"“I seen y’all on TV. When I saw that, I was like, Man, I can’t go there. Ain’t no way” – Ryan Anderson via Vimeo"

Tough Competition Doesn’t Scare Most Alabama Players Away

A common tactic used to try and sway Alabama prospects to sign elsewhere is bringing up the depth chart.  Most players fear competition.  So, when they see all the five-star players they believe that it will limit their chances of playing.

However, players like Julio Jones and CJ Mosley saw that as an opportunity to better themselves and work harder.  It actually caused Mosley to sign with Alabama football instead of Auburn.

They mentioned Alabama’s linebacker depth chart and how playing time would be minimal.  Then showed their depth chart and said that he could play right away.

Little did they know, Mosley didn’t want to go somewhere that would hand him a position.  So, he chose the Tide, so he could play with the ‘best of the best’. Here is a portion of episode 2 with Mosley.

Interviews like this can show future recruits what it takes to succeed at Alabama from players who completed the process.  It also shows them that there is a family like bond with Coach Saban and his former players.

Mosley even said that he may purchase a championship ring because when Alabama football wins he feels like he wins.

LeBron James ‘Shop Talk’ Battle

In a weird turn of events, LeBron James, who took issue with the Tide’s new show and threatened with legal matters, is now being sued for ripping off the shop talk idea.  The same thing that he accuses the University of Alabama of doing.

Adventure Enterprises claims they pitched the show to LeBron and his company over a period of two years.  However, nothing between the two sides transpired.

Now Uninterrupted, James’ company, will have to prove that their idea was original.  Which is hard to do considering there are numerous barbershop talk shows that exist.

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New ‘Bama Cuts’ episodes air once a week on the Alabama Football Vimeo page. The show is definitely worth a look.