Alabama Football: No ‘Daddy-Ball’ in Tuscaloosa

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 08: Tua Tagovailoa
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 08: Tua Tagovailoa /

Alabama football fans, always ripe for a QB debate are not happy about potential transfer comments made by Jalen Hurts’ father.

Alabama football coach, Nick Saban may be comfortable giving ultimatums. We doubt he is comfortable receiving them. Saban and Averion Hurts may be on a collision course to irreconcilable differences, but Tide fans would be wise to not jump to such a conclusion.

What we do know is that Nick Saban will do what he believes is best for the Alabama football team. In terms of a 2018 starting QB, what that will be not be determined by Averion or Galu Tagovailoa. There will be no LaVar Ball style, ‘Daddy-Ball’ in Tuscaloosa.

Averion Hurts spoke with Matt Hayes of Bleacher Report and his comments will not sit well with Saban or Alabama football fans.

"Coach Saban’s job is to do what’s best for his team. I have no problem with that. My job is to do what’s best for Jalen—and make no mistake, Jalen is a quarterback, and he wants to play quarterback. He loves Alabama, loves Coach Saban and everything about that place. But he wants to play, and he will play…"

What will Jalen do if he does not win the starting job? Matt Hayes quoted Averion’s words and also how hard it was for the father to say them.

"He (Averion) shakes his head slowly, answers begrudgingly. “Well, he’d be the biggest free agent in college football history.”"

There is another line from Averion and it will be frequently repeated in tweets. Its directness and choice of words will titillate but the message is illuminating. Averion told Jalen,

"I told Jalen, you f–ked up, you opened the door and put yourself in this situation"

Jalen has struggled in key games

Most Alabama football fans will agree the admonishment is warranted. Jalen was replaced by Tua against Georgia because Jalen, as was the case against Mississippi State, Auburn and last season against Clemson, was not leading the Tide offense to enough first downs. Against the toughest defenses, Jalen struggled to execute progressions, hit open receivers and stretch the field with his arm.

Averion’s tough statement indicates two things. First, Averion understands Jalen needs to improve his game. More significantly, the father knows Jalen must fight to win the starting QB job in 2018.

Nick Saban has a post-practice media session late Thursday afternoon. Someone will be the sacrificial lamb and ask him to respond to the story. We don’t know what he will say publicly. More important will be his private conversations with Jalen and Tua and Averion and Galu.

Even before Tua hurt his hand, we have believed Saban would run a two-QB system in 2018. We have also expected Jalen would get the first snap against Louisville. Perhaps it was never going to be as simple as that.

Saban has a tough situation to resolve. There are two things Alabama football fans will be well-served to remember. Having two highly talented QB’s is a good problem. Most other coaches would love to have such a dilemma. Plus, there is absolutely no indication Jalen and Tua are handling this conflict with anything but a team-first attitude.

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Will Saban allow public comments from Jalen and Tua about the QB battle? He may, but don’t expect either one to be unsupportive of their teammate.