Alabama Football: Bama Cuts – Tony Brown, plus six cups is instant classic


In the third instalment of ‘Bama Cuts’, NFL draft hopefuls Tony Brown, Rashaan Evans, Levi Wallace and Da’Shawn Hand discuss a variety of Alabama football topics

After the third episode of Bama Cuts, the legend of Tony Brown just keeps getting better.  Brown brought the funny along with former Alabama football teammates Rashaan Evans, Levi Wallace and Da’Shawn Hand.

The former Alabama football stars covered a range of topics from hairstyles, morale at Alabama, Coach Saban’s age, and so much more.

The opening dialogue was something that sounds similar to the other Bama Cuts episodes.  All players agreed that the structure at Alabama really helps the players.

That structure, according to Brown, makes others look at players from Alabama football as if they are trained killers who have zero fun.  However, as he and the others noted, that’s clearly not the case in Tuscaloosa.

"“Man, look here. First of all, listen bruh, ain’t no fun in losing, ain’t no fun in losing.” – Tony Brown via Vimeo“They don’t see the locker room, they don’t see the locker room. The locker room be the funniest stuff, bruh. I swear to God.” – Rashaan Evans via Vimeo"

Another common mindset from the players in episode three, that mirrored players from the first two episodes, was if you don’t like competition, Alabama isn’t the place for you.

Brown mentioned that Coach Saban recruits a certain type of player and that he knows will work a certain way.  Clearly, this is true if they all love competition and want nothing given.

Most players want to step into a starting role as a true freshman because of their recruiting ranking.  However, at Alabama, those who put the work in and compete will play first regardless of high school accolades.

Evans called the Tide the 33rd NFL team and noted that Alabama football is a different level compared to most teams.  Brown then jokingly said that Evans had to be a different type of guy to go bald.

The players then went on to talk about the weeks leading up to the Clemson game and how they were clicking on all cylinders.  However, the funniest moments came when discussing ‘the process’ and Coach Saban’s age.  Which included a colorful story from Tony Brown.

"“Yall don’t know how old Coach Saban is. He old. He old, old.  Coach Saban was really born in the mines of West Virginia. Long time ago. They found Coach Saban in a rock. They cracked him out of the rock when he was 14 years old. Saban been old. That was back with the Romans and stuff” – Tony Brown via Vimeo"

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Tony Brown has a bright future in the NFL.  However, if that doesn’t work, comedy is definitely his second calling.