Alabama Football: Why who starts at QB doesn’t really matter

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 08: Jalen Hurts
ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 08: Jalen Hurts /

There are many reasons why Alabama football fans don’t need to worry who starts at QB. Worry instead about who is on the roster come fall.

Alabama football has a quarterback dilemma but it is not who starts against Louisville. That situation will not change much throughout September and October. It may not much matter all the way to another CFB Playoff.

An injury at quarterback could cause a reversal of fortune. Still, without attrition from the current 2018 QB roster, disaster will not loom with one injury. Two QB injuries and all bets are off.

Alabama football fans wanting to agonize over the Tide’s QB situation should focus on hoping for a complete four-man roster throughout 2018. Who starts does not matter as long as no one leaves.

Minds not muddled by Crimson Tide passion have already come to this conclusion. A couple of weeks ago ESPN scribes, Ryan McGee and Mark Schlabach said,

"The good news for Alabama is that the Tide probably have the most complete running back unit in the country. They have, at worst, a top-five offensive line, and you might even argue they have a top-five receiver corps. It might not even matter who the Tide’s quarterback is going to be."

Alabama football fans who beg to differ will probably cite two legitimate concerns. The first one is driven by a recent history of offensive difficulties against loaded boxes. The recent past shows the Tide needs a quick-deciding, accurate arm, QB who can be a downfield passing threat. We will not predict yet who will execute it, but the Crimson Tide will have an improved and effective passing attack in 2018.

The other legit concern is inexperience in the 2018 secondary and lack of depth at inside linebacker. The secondary will improve with each game and by November, inexperience will no longer be such an issue. Injuries to either Mack Wilson or Dylan Moses (or heaven forbid, both) would be a major problem.

2018 Defense could become as good as 2017

Otherwise, the 2018 Alabama football defense could rival last season’s group. The defensive speed on the outside will be exceptional. Run-stuffing should not be an issue, even with a changed roster on the defensive front.

Alabama football should have the most dangerous group of pass rushers in the SEC. That group’s ability to disrupt opposing QB’s should cancel out early miscues in the secondary.

Before any up-tempo offense has a chance to outscore the Tide in 2018, it must first stop the Tide’s rushing attack. Fluke occurrences can, of course, turn a game. Alabama football, like any team, can always beat itself with mistakes and turnovers. Absent those vagaries, who among the September and October opponents can shut down the Tide’s rushing offense? Probably none of the teams.

The Crimson Tide should return from Knoxville, 8-0. Maybe then the level of defensive challenge will rise. If the same recipe of ‘don’t beat yourself’ works in Baton Rouge and against Mississippi State and Auburn, more will be needed later.

2018 season success depends on QB roster

To win another championship, the Tide will need a balanced offense capable of big plays. It will also need at least two QB’s who can orchestrate those big plays. So, don’t worry about who starts. The future of the 2018 season depends on who is on the quarterback roster in November, December and January.

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Speaking of transfer worries, there is no shortage of rumors. The latest, totally unsubstantiated, is Gus Malzahn and Auburn have reached out to Jalen Hurts. That is the perfect rumor to rile Alabama fans who know Auburn will do anything to gain the slightest edge over the Tide.