Alabama Football: What DeMeco Ryans means to Reuben Foster


Two former Alabama football players work together for the San Francisco 49ers. One is LB coach DeMeco Ryans and the other is his pupil, Reuben Foster.

Former Alabama football player, Reuben Foster is at a pivotal stage of his NFL career. In his second professional season, he has two primary goals. One is to stay healthy enough to be a steady, consistent performer on the field. The other is to stay out of trouble off the field.

Alabama football fans are rooting for Reuben to achieve both goals. The NFL offseason has not been kind to Foster. Some of his misfortune was his fault – some was the fault of others.

In January, he was charged with a marijuana possession, misdemeanor in Tuscaloosa. What no longer results in an arrest in California is still against the law in Alabama. The charge was recently dismissed.

In a much more serious event, Reuben was charged with domestic abuse and possession of an assault-style weapon with a large capacity magazine. The domestic abuse was a felony charge and the weapons charge was a misdemeanor.

The alleged abuse victim recounted her story and testified she fabricated the incident. The charge was dismissed. He pled no contest on the weapons charge. He was fined and sentenced to community service, plus forfeiture of the weapon. He cannot possess any firearm while on two years of probation. The gun he owned is legal in Alabama but not in California.

Most Alabama football fans are relieved the former player has a chance to continue his professional career. There is some lingering concern Reuben cannot afford any future legal problems without jeopardizing his NFL career.

49ers Linebacker Coach is DeMeco Ryans

Fortunately for Reuben, his coach, DeMeco Ryans is there to mentor him going forward. Ryans was also a great linebacker for Alabama football and in the NFL. Though Demeco says Reuben is a better player than he ever was.

Ryans was as solid as any team would ever want – on the field and off. In only his second season as a coach, the 49ers linebacker coach is being noticed around the league. Some NFL execs believe Ryans will become an NFL defensive coordinator and maybe a head coach in the next several years.

A consummate pro, Ryans has plenty to teach Reuben. Ryans states it simply – the key is consistency, game after game, season after season. In Reuben’s case, that consistency needs to find traction in his football and non-football worlds. DeMeco made this comment.

"it’s easy for me to relate and help those guys. We have a good relationship, and I’m here to help him on and off the field, however I can."

Fortunately for Reuben and the 49ers, Demeco is there to lead the way. Hopefully, Reuben will learn well and quickly.

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If Reuben can stay out of trouble and stay healthy, he can have a tremendous NFL career. He has plenty of time to showcase dependability before his rookie contract ends after his fourth NFL season.