Alabama Basketball: Collin Sexton will reset the Tide’s future in NBA Draft


Wherever Collin Sexton is drafted Thursday night, he will reset the Alabama basketball future with an NBA first-round pick.

The Thursday night NBA Draft will be momentous for Alabama basketball. For the first time since 2001, Alabama basketball will have a former player chosen in the first round of the NBA Draft.

Alabama basketball has made little impact on the NBA Draft since Gerald Wallace was selected in the first round in 2001. In the 16 NBA Drafts that have transpired since only four Alabama basketball players were drafted, all in the second round.

Some Alabama basketball fans and a bunch of college basketball fans around the nation have little knowledge of past Alabama basketball glory. Between 1976 and 1996, 13 former Alabama basketball players were NBA first-round picks. The highest was Antonio McDyess who was the No. 2 pick in 1995.

Alabama Basketball NBA First-Rounders

  • 1976 – Leon Douglas – 4th pick – Detroit Pistons
  • 1979 – Reggie ‘Mule’ King – 18th pick – Kansas City Kings
  • 1982 – Eddie Phillips – 21st pick – New Jersey Nets
  • 1983 – Ennis Whatley – 13th pick – Kansas City Kings
  • 1986 – Buck Johnson – 20th pick – Houston Rockets
  • 1987 – Derrick McKey – 9th pick – Seattle SuperSonics
  • 1987 – Jim Farmer  – 20th pick – Dallas Mavericks
  • 1992 – Robert Horry – 11th pick – Houston Rockets
  • 1992 – Latrell Sprewell – 24th pick – Golden State Warriors
  • 1993 – James ‘Hollywood’ Robinson – 21st pick – Portland Trail Blazers
  • 1995 – Antonio McDyess – 2nd pick – Los Angeles Clippers
  • 1995 – Jason Caffey – 20th pick – Chicago Bulls
  • 1996 – Roy Rogers – 22nd pick – Vancouver Grizzlies

Thursday night, June 21st, Collin Sexton will become the 15th former Tide player drafted in the NBA first-round. Taking a look at recent mock drafts, Collin should be selected somewhere from No. 7, down to No. 16.

Possible NBA teams for Collin

Currently, five teams look like the best possibilities for Sexton. Those teams are the Bulls, Cavs, Knicks, Hornets and the Clippers. Other possibilities are the Magic and the Suns.

In today’s NBA, there are basically three positions. They are the inside bigs, the wing players and the guards who play all over the court. The position of point-guard is no longer a distinct position. All NBA guards must be able to dribble, shoot, pass and defend. Even though, the defense requirement is waived on some teams for the top scoring guards.

How good will Collin be as a pro? Speaking on WJOX, Avery Johnson said,

"I think his speed, his high basketball IQ. He’s a very explosive offensive player, and because of the space that he’s going to have on the court in the NBA … it’s going to be lights out.The kid is a high-level player. He plays both ends of the floor… He’s got a lot of confidence, mental and physical toughness."

Getting back to Thursday night. How high Collin is chosen will be important to him but even more important is getting a good fit. Going in the middle of the first round to the Hornets or the Clippers might be better for Collin than going earlier.  If Phoenix does not trade away their No. 1 pick in a deal to get Lebron, the Suns are almost guaranteed to pick Deandre Ayton. If they take the center at No. 1, they could opt for a guard at No. 16.

Wherever Collin is selected it will be a big win for Alabama basketball. A one-and-done, being successful playing for the Tide instead of a basketball blue blood, will boost Alabama basketball recruiting for at least the next few cycles.

One of the Tide’s greatest finishes

One more time for Alabama basketball fans, the last six Tide points against TAMU.

Simply spectacular!

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Alabama basketball will have a deep and talented roster in 2018-19. No player has a complete package similar to Collin Sexton. Still, Avery could have a better team next season.