Collin Sexton, LeBron and what is next with the Cleveland Cavaliers


The future of the Cleveland Cavaliers will come down to what LeBron wants and does in the next few weeks. Collin Sexton could stay a Cav or move to Charlotte.

Collin Sexton is in an interesting situation with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Team owner, Dan Gilbert, is sold on Collin’s NBA potential. Gilbert was in Tuscaloosa in January when Collin and the Tide took down Oklahoma and Trae Young.

Despite owning the team, Gilbert does not hold the most power in charting the Cavs’ future. LeBron James does. NBA owners will do almost anything to attain or retain the services of LeBron. Giving James veto control over roster changes is a given. Players don’t need LeBron’s approval to leave Cleveland but his approval is required to play there.

There have been recent reports LeBron has a positive opinion of Collin Sexton. Still, LeBron and his advisors have made no public comment since the Draft. The James family has been vacationing. LeBron has a few more days to make up his mind about his next step.

Cleveland needs more than Collin to keep LeBron

All Gilbert can do is try and add another top player, attractive enough to keep LeBron in Cleveland. Perhaps, Kawhi Leonard could be that player. Every team in the league wants him. What the Cavs and LeBron need most is a solid guard who can score and defend well. Collin Sexton can become that guy. The question is can he do it as a rookie. At this point in his career, LeBron does not have time to be patient.

A widely rumored solution for LeBron and the Cavs is a trade with the Charlotte Hornets. The Cavs would get Kemba Walker. The Hornets would get Collin, but they would expect more value in an additional player, plus a future draft pick. That is a tough deal to package. But all the potential homerun deals are tough for Cleveland. Getting Kawhi or Chris Paul or Paul George would be just as hard.

Hornets’ GM, Mitch Kupchak, denies he has any interest in shopping Walker. There is some counter speculation Kupchak believes he can build a team around Collin Sexton and Miles Bridges.

So what is Collin doing while the drama plays out? There is not much he can do. He has been seen wearing his new Cavs’ jersey off the court. How long he will be wearing it is anyone’s guess.

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Whatever happens with Collin over the next few days or weeks, the young man has a bright NBA future. He will continue to make Tide fans proud for years to come.