Alabama Football: Crimson Tide vs. Arkansas game predictions


Alabama football fans, check out the Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Arkansas Razorbacks game predictions provided by the Bama Hammer staff.

The Bama Hammer staff provides game predictions for every Alabama football game. Going back beyond this season, we almost never fail to pick the winning team. of course, as Alabama football fans, picking the winning team is not difficult.

Check out our brief game summaries and projected score for the Crimson Tide vs. the Razorbacks.

Game Predictions

Alabama football will deliver devastating Mike Tyson type haymakers to the hapless Razorbacks. Arkansas played the Aggies tough last week. However, the Crimson Tide is on an entirely different playing field than Texas A&M. Expect to see Alabama’s best game to date. A total team effort. The dynamic offense will ravage the Arkansas defense. Tide defenders will suffocate the Hogs miserable offense. Waddle and Jacobs make explosive plays on special teams.

Bama Hammer, Contributor, Ronald Moody; Alabama 55 Arkansas 0

We’ve seen how porous the Ole Miss’ defense was. Arkansas could be much worse (or better, depending on how you look at it)

The best Arkansas effort was against Jimbo’s Aggies when they were just a touchdown short. Since they won their season opener against, Southern Illinois. Since then, they have lost to a Colorado State by 7, North Texas by 37 and Auburn by 31.

To put it simply, Arkansas doesn’t have much going for it on either side of the ball. Any opposition, any at all, and Arkansas cannot live up to the task.

All due respect to Nick Saban, but this is no trap game. Even if Alabama didn’t give their 100% effort, I don’t think that they would have much trouble winning the game. Arkansas just doesn’t have the talent to compete with Alabama’s physicality.

Bama Hammer Contributor, Chris Dodson; Alabama 48 – Arkansas 7

For Alabama football, entering Razorback Stadium provides the Tide the ability to further their dominance and continue growing as a team. Look for Tua Tagovailoa to be sharp as seen over the course of the first five games.

However, the game balls on offense and defense will go to Damien Harris and Raekwon Davis. I believe Damien Harris breaks 100 yards this game with three scores and Raekwon Davis has double-digit tackles with two sacks.

Bama Hammer Contributor, Kevin Mudd; Alabama 49 – Arkansas14

Woo pig sooie? I don’t think so. Arkansas has fallen flat to two non-conference teams, Colorado State and North Texas. Razorback fans thought Chad Morris was coming to the rescue, but with the mess that Bielema left behind, that rescue isn’t happening any time soon.

I must admit, the Hogs did give Jimbo and his Aggies a run for their money, but who’s to say TAMU wasn’t sleepwalking? Bama scores 51 with ease.

Bama Hammer, Contributor, Bryant Barger; Alabama 51 – Arkansas 10

The best thing about Saturday is the empty seats will not be in Tuscaloosa. The Hogs’ fanbase is more energized about the upcoming basketball season than about Chad Morris’ team.

I hope to see some continued improvement defensively for John Chavis’ group. I can remember when The Chief’s Tennessee defenses were fearsome. The Crimson Tide needs some work against a defense with some stiffness, not clad in a Tide practice jersey.

In the end, it will not much matter. The Crimson Tide will roll to a win and continue to gain valuable playing experience for a large number of players.

Bama Hammer, Lead Writer, Ronald Evans; Alabama 48 – Arkansas 10

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