Alabama Crimson Tide: What we are thankful for today

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The Bama Hammer staff wishes to share the Alabama Crimson Tide things for which we are thankful on Thanksgiving Day, 2018.

On short notice, I asked the Bama Hammer staff to send me University of Alabama Crimson Tide related “I am thankful for …” thoughts. Thanksgiving travel and tight schedules made a quick response impossible for a couple of guys. We concur family obligations and fellowship should come first on holidays and every other day, for that matter.

So, counting mine, we have four sets of ‘thankfuls’ for our fellow Alabama Crimson Tide fans.

Bryant Barker

Authors Note: Bryant took a traditional approach that is a much-needed start our commentaries. No doubt we all share his feelings about the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Thanksgiving is a day full of family, food, and love. And as an Alabama sports fan, there is plenty to be thankful for. You must always be thankful for the things that have been with you through the long haul. Things like Nick Saban, a respectable athletic department, and your fellow fans. I am thankful for such a beautiful and well-maintained University, which is home to some of the most athletically gifted performers in the world.

You must also remember to be thankful for the new things in your life. I, personally, am thankful that our football division is proudly marched out on the field, week in and week out, by some of the most courageous and excellent quarterbacks in the history of college football. Speaking of new things, I am also thankful for Avery Johnson. A man who has completely reconstructed the men’s basketball division of our University.

As an Alabama Crimson Tide fan, there is a lot to be thankful for. From myself, and everyone at Bama Hammer, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris Dodson

Authors Note: Chris took a minimalist approach and focused in on one ‘thankful’ in a blend of satire and smack. Enjoy!

I am thankful for UCF. Honestly. Winning all these championships and beating up on top-tier opponents who clearly belong in the College Football Playoff can get tedious at times. Yet, here you were, winning that 2017 Colley-Matrix championship all by yourself. We simply don’t have enough room to fit these trophies, so thanks for lending a hand.

Oh, and while we’re at it, we can imagine how good it was to beat up on ol’ Auburn last year in the Peach Bowl. We sure did enjoy that. We have enjoyed similar feelings beating Auburn over the years, in addition to playing seven other opponents in our conference that are considered some of the best. I’m sure it’s very similar to what you have experienced in the American Athletic Conference. You guys just beat Cincinnati, right? Well done! You’ll be right on the way to taking away one our Colley-Matrix awards again this year.

Jonathan Waldrop

Author note: Although I usually hate the phrase “thinking out of the box” – it applies to Jonathan’s stream of consciousness style of listing his ‘thankfuls’ – refreshing!

Archibald’s; Gene Stallings; Antonio Langham; Bryant-Denny Stadium; the Walk of Champions; Eli Gold; Mal Moore; Nick Saban; Mal Moore getting Nick Saban; 2nd-and-26; crying Tebow; 49-0; Miss Terry; Nick Saban’s parents; Rolando McClain; s***, tinhorns; Nick Saban putting the previous two words together in a sentence; the Kick Six; Nick Saban; Kenyan Drake’s kickoff return for a TD; Mark Ingram against South Carolina in 2009; Bill Battle; Eryk Anders sack of Garrett Gilbert; Nick Saban’s love of the Stones; Bill Belichick; the Miami Dolphins; LSU; Michigan State; Toledo; Kent State; Monongah High School football coach Earl Keener; Nick Saban, the last eleven years; Nick Saban and HaHa Clinton-Dix.

Ronald  Evans

I appreciate what Bryant said about being “thankful for the things that have been with you through the “long haul.” My ‘long haul’ with the Alabama Crimson Tide is a good deal longer than the other guys. I go back to the early Bryant years and some of the memories from decades ago are as clear as what has happened more recently. Along the way, I became fond of college football history so my ‘thankfuls’ go back in time.

I am going to borrow Jonathan’s style, at least until my brain screams for a slower pace.

Wallace Wade; Frank Thomas; Paul Bryant; George “Mike” Denny; Ray Perkins; Gene Stallings; Mal Moore; C.M. Newton; Wimp Sanderson; Joe Namath; Kenny Stabler; Lee Roy Jordan; Johnny Musso; Sylvester Croom; Barry Krauss; Marty Lyons; Van Tiffin; Walter Lewis; Jeremiah Castille; Cornelius Bennett; Derrick Thomas; Ozzie Newsome; Wilbur Jackson; George Teague; Antonio Langham; Ennis Whatley; T.R. Dunn; Leon Douglas; Buck Johnson; Robert Scott; Reggie King; and literally hundreds of other Alabama Crimson Tide players just too numerous to list.

My more contemporary list begins with the person who gave us the opportunity for the unparalleled run of Nick Saban – Miss Terry; and Nick, of course; Avery Johnson; Bill Battle; Scott Cochran; and Nick’s players, again too numerous to list, but so many great players and so many role models. One I cannot fail to mention is Rashaad Johnson. I can’t provide precise numbers but not many scout team, walk-on guys become All-Americans and have solid NFL careers. His determination epitomized Alabama Crimson Tide football. Jumping to another sport, I must add Justin Thomas to the list.

It will not mean much to readers but I want to say how thankful I am for our Bama Hammer contributors who do so much for this site. Chris Dodson, who pre-dates me on the site; Ronald Moody; Jonathan Waldrop; Bryant Barger; and our newest, Kevin Mudd all do great work. Writing is hard and these guys do it from a love for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

For those of you who hung with us to the end, we have a treat. Nick Saban’s thankful from his Wednesday (normally Thursday) night radio show.

"Terry and I and our family appreciate you more than you know, and thank you all for making this a very special opportunity for us. … It’s very special to be your coach, and I wish everybody out there a very happy, prosperous Thanksgiving."

Happy Thanksgiving for All!