Alabama Football: Good news in next to last Selection Committee Top 25

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Alabama football got another Playoff boost from the Selection Committee, Top 25 ranking on Tuesday night. The Tide is almost guaranteed to make the final four.

We have been saying for a few weeks how highly the CFB Selection Committee values the SEC. Alabama football is benefitting from that high value more as the season winds down. The Alabama Crimson Tide is in such a strong position only a double-digit loss in the SEC Championship game could bump the Tide from the final four.

Alabama football fans should note the opinion voiced above extends well beyond the Crimson Tide fan base. Knowledgeable college football experts argue the fans of Oklahoma and Ohio State should pull for the Tide on Saturday. The supposition is a Georgia loss will allow one of those teams into the final four while an Alabama football loss will not.

An Ohio State fan called the Paul Finebaum show Tuesday afternoon and asked should the Tide purposely lose to Georgia on Saturday to avoid facing Urban. The silly on multiple levels, question presumed the Tide is a final four lock.

How sure are we the Tide is in?

The answer is as sure as could ever be possible with remaining uncontrollable variables. There is a point number in a loss to Georgia that puts the Tide at risk. Maybe that number is 14 points, combined with a season-ending injury to Tua. Otherwise, every indication is the Tide is in.

How can we be so sure? It is all about the SEC. On Tuesday, for the first time in the Committee’s history, a Top 25 ranking included eight teams from one conference. Missouri joined the SEC party, becoming the eighth team.

  • No. 1 – Alabama
  • No. 4 – Georgia
  • No. 9 – Florida
  • No. 10 – LSU
  • No. 15 – Kentucky
  • No. 18 – Mississippi State
  • No. 19 – Texas A&M
  • No. 22 – Missouri

In the other Power Five conferences, the Big 12 and the B1G each have four teams. The PAC12 has three and the ACC, only two. Based on this week’s rankings, Alabama football has more Top 25 wins (four) than any other team.

Check out another interesting comparison from Peter Burns. Alabama football has seven wins over teams with winning records. Georgia has six. Oklahoma and Ohio State have but three each.

The full, next to last, Selection Committee Top 25 is below.

The bottom line is six teams still have a chance to make the final four. One  (Notre Dame) is in. Another (Alabama) is virtually in. A third (Clemson) is also a near-lock. Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio State are scrambling for the last spot.

The worst thing about the Crimson Tide and Georgia making the field again is the over-reaction that will follow. It will make a future eight-team field more probable.

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We wonder if Florida fans believe their team is No. 9. We don’t, but hey, Go Gators. SEC, SEC, SEC!