Alabama Football: Oklahoma game preparation begins and Nick Saban

Alabama football began actual game preparation for the Oklahoma Sooners on Monday. Afterward, Nick Saban provided an update.

Alabama football put in three practice sessions last week, after a break for exam week. The three sessions focused on fundamentals rather than any preparation for upcoming games.

On a bright, almost warm, Monday afternoon, attention turned to the Oklahoma Sooners. Alabama football fans are more concerned with the injury recovery status of Crimson Tide players than they are the Oklahoma Sooners. The Monday session showed some encouraging progress by Tua, along with some wait and see for other players.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban conducted a media review session following practice. The full video of Nick’s session can be seen below. For those choosing to skip the video, we provide a summary of the key comments made by Coach Saban and other practice notes.

  • Monday practice began installation of the Oklahoma game plan.
  • Nick called the Oklahoma offense one of the most “prolific” in college football.
  • Saban said if the Crimson Tide had a player who could emulate Kyler Murray during practices, “obviously we would be playing him.” Murray is “so quick and talented and does a great job of executing their offense.”
  • On Tua, Nick said, “He’s doing well. I think he’s probably ahead of schedule. He’s been able to take a lot of reps. He’s been able to throw the ball from the pocket. He can run.” Nick added Tua is not yet at full speed in terms of changing directions.
  • Nick had to comment on a couple of sticky subjects. D.J. Durkin “is not part of the program here. He is just observing.” Eyabi Anoma was not at practice on Monday due to a “personal day to sort some things out. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get him back on track soon.”
  • Media observers at practice said Deonte Brown was dressed out but not participating in drills. Terrell Lewis was participating in drills.

A subject Nick Saban was happy to discuss was the recent graduation of Crimson Tide players. He specifically mentioned Jalen Hurts and what he has meant to the Alabama football team but also expressed appreciation for the entire group in the photo below.

We’ll close with a just for fun video on Nick Saban and Taylor playing ‘HORSE’ except Maria chose to make the game ‘GOAT’ instead.

The best news on Monday was the  Montgomery Advertiser reporting Mack Wilson’s mother saying he will return to the Crimson Tide next season. Mack has been indicating the same in tweets over the last few days.